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A sudden car accident flips your world upside-down. Suddenly, there are mountains of medical bills piling up, you have no transportation to get around, and you cannot work to earn the money to pay your expenses. Though New York is a “no-fault” car accident state, dealing with insurance companies is far from easy. When you become disheartened with the process, the experienced car accident lawyers of Douglas and London can be your best allies.

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Myths About Bronx Car Accidents

As Bronx personal injury lawyers, we meet a lot of clients who tried to work directly with the insurance company but had their claims outright denied, delayed, or otherwise diminished. There are many widespread myths about what happens after a collision between two vehicles in New York State.

For instance, do you believe…

  • You will automatically receive a fair settlement proposal as long as your demand letter is reasonable?
  • Giving a “recorded statement” to the insurance company is part of the standard settlement process?
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance company is obligated to pay all your medical bills and lost wages?
  • The law regulates the way insurance companies must treat you as an accident victim?
  • Juries are sympathetic to car accident victims and are likely to award damages if you plead your case?

Unfortunately, the system is not so easy for car accident victims to navigate. Justice often requires aggressive representation from experienced litigators. Insurers act like any big business – trying to maximize their profits, even if that means paying you less than what your claim is worth and leaving you on the hook for thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

Injuries Commonly Caused by Car Crashes

While some car accident victims are fortunate to emerge with only mild injuries, others are seriously hurt. Some of the most common include:

  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Damaged ligaments
  • Severe cuts and lacerations
  • Severe burns
  • Back, neck, or spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Severe and permanent disfigurement or scarring
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Death

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Where are the Most Dangerous Intersections in the Bronx?

In the Bronx, some locations are more dangerous than others. According to the NYPD’s Motor Vehicle Collision Report for December of 2021, here are the most dangerous intersections in the Bronx:

  • Bruckner Boulevard and Hunts Point Avenue: six collisions
  • East 138th Street and Exterior Street: five crashes
  • East Fordham Road and Southern Boulevard: five accidents
  • Bruckner Boulevard and Tiffany Street: four accidents
  • Third Avenue and East 168th Street: four collisions
  • Bruckner Boulevard and White Plains Road: four crashes
  • Ogden Avenue and West 167th Street: four accidents
  • Major Deegan Expressway and West Fordham Road: four collisions

Common Types of Automobile Crashes

Most Bronx NY car accident lawyers know certain types of automobile crashes are common, including:

  • Rollover crashes
  • Intersection collisions
  • Rear-end accidents
  • Sideswipe collisions
  • Head-on crashes
  • Hit and run accidents

Common Causes of Car Accidents

The most common causes of car accidents that our New York car accident lawyers from Douglas and London have seen in the Bronx include:

  • Driver inattention or distracted driving
  • Failure to maintain a safe following distance
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Improper passing or use of a lane
  • Passing too closely
  • Speeding
  • Disregarding traffic control
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Improperly turning

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What to do After a Car Accident

Even if you ultimately hire a car accident lawyer in the Bronx, there are steps you can take to help your Bronx personal injury lawyer maximize the amount of financial compensation that you receive:

  • Call the police and ensure that an accident report is filed
  • Seek medical attention even if you feel fine
  • Take pictures of the injuries of passengers, property damage, skid marks, traffic, and road conditions. You can also include any posted signs, the exact location of the crash, and any businesses or private residences in the surrounding area. The latter is important because these sites may have caught surveillance camera footage.
  • Gather the contact information of everyone who witnessed the crash.
  • Refrain from posting anything about the accident on social media. In addition, ensure that nobody tags you in posts.
  • Consult with an experienced car accident lawyer in the Bronx as soon as possible. 

Should You Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

There are many reasons why you may be hesitant to ask for a car accident attorney’s help. If you don’t know a lawyer personally, you may not be sure whether you can trust a stranger with your case. You may worry that it will be expensive to hire a car accident attorney.

Insurance adjusters like to tell people they’ll receive “less money” by hiring a lawyer. That is simply false because insurers don’t like being watched by injury victim advocates! Even when the legal fee is subtracted, the vast majority of plaintiffs receive more with legal representation than they would going it alone. Research from the Insurance Research Council shows that injured people with lawyers receive 3.5 times as much money (AFTER paying lawyer fees) as those who represent themselves.

Contact a Lawyer to Seek Justice

Many Bronx car accident victims work hard for a living and tell us, “We’re not the kind of people who go around suing other people.” Filing a claim with a car accident lawyer is not a matter of inflicting harm upon another person. It is a matter of getting the coverage you need to pay your medical bills, afford time off work to recover and keep yourself out of bankruptcy.

Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. Those who do not exercise caution and due diligence behind the wheel should have to pay for their negligence. Contact Douglas and London for a free consultation and contingency-based representation. If you don’t win money, our services are free!