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The consumer fraud attorneys at Douglas & London in New York, NY, offer aggressive representation for victims of deceptive and illegal business activities, including identity theft and mortgage fraud. Thieves often target seniors and young adults, but there are a multitude of scams designed to exploit those of all ages and walks of life. If you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, call us at (212) 566-7500 or send us an electronic message to schedule a case review with one of our attorneys.

Thieves often target seniors and young adults, but there are a multitude of scams designed to exploit those of all ages and walks of life.

Common Types of Consumer Fraud

Some common types of consumer fraud include:

Mortgage Fraud:
Most mortgage scams are performed by those with insider knowledge of the mortgage industry, including real estate agents and mortgage brokers. These scams are aimed at troubled homeowners and may involve schemes to rescue a home from foreclosure, modifications to a loan, or equity skimming.
Credit and Debit Card Fraud:
This is one of the most common forms of fraud. Criminals may install devices on credit card machines to steal your card information, or they may find ways to access this information online. Criminals are constantly finding new ways to steal consumers’ credit card information, and banks are struggling to keep up.
Fake Charities:
Especially following a natural disaster, consumers should beware of fake charities. Criminals take advantage of these dire situations and the generosity of others. Before donating, you should thoroughly research the charity and have a clear understanding of where your money will go.
Fake Lotteries:
Fake lotteries frequently target the elderly. The victim typically receives a phone call stating that he or she ‘won’ and requests money and personal information for tax purposes on the prize money. Stolen money is rarely recovered from these schemes, and victims are often placed on lists for other scams in an attempt to steal more money. Consumers should be wary of any prize winnings from contests they have no recollection of entering.
Identity Theft:
Identity theft has become more and more common with advancements in technology. It is easier than ever to obtain personal information, including names, addresses, social security numbers, and credit card and bank information. Criminals steal this information through various means and then use the information to commit fraud, theft, or other crimes.
Identity theft can ruin a consumer’s credit and cost thousands of dollars.

Consumer Fraud Victims Need Aggressive Representation

Today, there are more opportunities than ever before to deceive others in ways that can quickly result in financial ruin. Fortunately, the team at Douglas & London have the resources to find those who take advantage of others, prove that they committed a malicious and deceitful act, and hold them accountable in order to help clients collect the compensation to which they are entitled. Without the help of an attorney, it can be virtually impossible to recover money and other resources stolen through fraudulent means. It can be devastating in many ways when a victim realizes they have been exploited, but with the help of an attorney, justice can be served.

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