Maria Anderson | Medical Malpractice

Maria Anderson’s husband had a biopsy for a growth on his tonsils but the doctors never got back to them with the results. Two years after the biopsy, her husband had a malignant lump in his throat removed, which they later found had originated from his tonsils. Maria speaks in great lengths about the personal and individual care that Gary Douglas showed her family. After her husband passed away, Gary Douglas took their case to court and secured a $2,500,000 verdict.

Maria Anderson

Joseph Pagan | Car Accident

Joseph Pagan, a Desert Storm veteran and a 9/11 first-responder, was struck by a vehicle while working on the Cross Bronx Expressway as part of the Office of Emergency Management. The accident led to a back injury which sidelined him from work but wasn’t given Worker’s Compensation. Mr. Pagan, with a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, decided enough is enough and called the attorneys of Douglas & London for help.

Joseph Pagan

Jesse Cintron | Train Accident

Jesse Cintron, who was represented by Gary Douglas, secured a $20,000,000 verdict after his son’s skull was fractured as a result of being struck by a New York City subway. Mr. Cintron, who worked in the New York County Courthouse for 10 years, knew that there was negligence on behalf of the New York City subway employees and speaks about why he chose and trusted Douglas & London.

Jesse Cintron

Willie Mitchell | Medical Malpractice

Willie Mitchell, who was represented by Gary Douglas and Stephanie O’Connor, settled for $800,000 for an eye injury he sustained as a result of a failed cataract procedure and revision surgery resulting in infection, edema, retinal hemorrhage and ultimately optic nerve damage.

Willie Mitchell

I have to say that Alicia from Douglas & London has been very helpful

Gary and Michael are very professional and gave me the personal attention I wanted for my son, who was struck by a train and almost died. I was able to speak to Gary whenever I needed him. I would recommend this firm highly.

Maria A. / Punta Gorda, FL

I have been working with Douglas & London for the past four years

I don’t think a person could find a better firm than Douglas & London. They went way out of their way to help us with my medical malpractice case. Their investigation revealed the real problem and the people who caused it… they brought them to trial. I smile whenever I think of them.

Willie M. / Washington, DC