Mass Tort Lawyer

A mass tort is a civil action that consists of multiple plaintiffs filing claims against one or more common defendants in a state or federal court.

Mass tort litigation allows one attorney or groups of attorneys to represent several injured parties in individual cases. Mass torts are beneficial because they can expedite the litigation process, resulting in quicker settlements or verdicts for the plaintiffs.


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Strength in Numbers

Mass torts are beneficial as they can help expedite the litigation process, resulting in quicker settlements or verdicts for the plaintiffs.

Mass tort litigation allows our attorneys and other attorneys involved in the lawsuits to pool research and evidence collected through investigation. This allows us to work together toward a common goal: a fair and just settlement or verdict for our clients.

When multiple parties are injured by a product, it is often beneficial to everyone involved to approach the case as a mass tort.

Mass Tort Litigation vs. Personal Injury

Although mass torts often involve personal injury claims for injuries sustained due to defective drugs or medical devices, there are some key differences between the two. First, a mass tort involves a great number of plaintiffs and claims against a sole manufacturer or company and the drug or device they produced. Second, despite a large number of plaintiffs, each claim is similar, if not identical, in nature. Third, the claims in mass tort litigation are interdependent, meaning the outcome of one case can affect the outcome of another case.

Personal injury lawsuits involve one plaintiff and, generally, one defendant. In most cases, the plaintiff suffered an injury caused by the defendant’s negligence or misconduct. Car accident injuries are generally personal injury cases. Even some of the first defective drug or defective medical device claims are personal injury lawsuits because others have not yet reported adverse effects.

Our Mass Tort Attorneys

With more than 15 attorneys and more than 40 total employees, the law firm of Douglas & London is equipped to handle mass tort litigation. Our attorneys and staff have secured us the distinction of being one of the top five mass tort firms in the country. We are regularly involved in mass tort litigation involving defective drugs, defective medical devices, and other product liability cases. We work diligently to ensure that every one of our clients receives fair and just compensation for their injuries.

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