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Our Defective Product Attorneys Can Protect Your Consumer Rights

It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products for their consumers. However, when a product malfunctions as a result of poor design, a defective part, inadequate warnings, or erroneous instructions, it can result in serious injury or death. If you or a family member has been injured, our defective product attorneys at Douglas & London in New York, NY, can pursue compensation while you concentrate on healing. With our assistance, clients injured by defective products have collected millions in compensation. Call us at (212) 566-7500 or reach us online to schedule a complimentary case review.

“With our assistance, clients injured by defective products have collected millions in compensation.”

Common Types of Defective Products

Some products that can cause injury due to defects include:

Large recalls are common for vehicles that were either defectively manufactured or designed. Problems with software and electrical wiring are a common issue in newer cars. Other common defects include issues with the steering column, brakes, or airbags. An example of a design defect is
an SUV that is prone to tipping or rolling when making sharp turns.
Guardrails are a safety device designed to help keep motorists traveling at highway speeds within the confines of the road, as going off the road could pose severe risks. The end terminals of these guardrails are intended to absorb energy from the crash, preventing the guardrail from going through the vehicle. Changes in guardrail designs have resulted in the determination that some of these designs are defective and dangerous.
Work-Related Products:
Regardless of the job or industry, it is reasonable to expect that the equipment used to perform the job works correctly and includes proper warnings and instructions. In
construction settings, equipment malfunctions are extremely dangerous and can result in severe injuries. Even in office settings, an equipment malfunction or product lacking proper instructions can pose a risk.
Medical Devices:
A defective medical device, such as an implant or stent, can result in serious, life-threatening injuries. Many defective medical device claims involve poor design and a failure to provide adequate warning of the potential risks associated with the device.
Dangerous Drugs:
Dangerous drugs typically have severe, adverse side effects that are either not listed on the label or are listed as very rare. Unfortunately, these ‘rare’ side effects end up affecting countless numbers of patients. Dangerous drugs can result in the development of life-threatening conditions, birth defects, deformities, and more.
Nicotine Poisoning:
Liquid nicotine is a used in a number of e-cigarette products including those regarding the JUUL lawsuit and is not heavily regulated. This can result in overexposure for both children and adults, causing serious and potentially fatal injuries.
Children’s Products:
Children’s products, especially toys, are sometimes the most dangerous. A product may not come with a sufficient warning regarding small parts. Or, a product may have been poorly designed, resulting in breaking and potential hazards to the child.

Why You Need an Attorney

Drug manufacturers and other large companies have deep pockets and extensive legal teams ready to aggressively challenge any allegation of negligence on the part of their clients. Filing a successful claim against these entities requires knowledge of industry regulations and other complex factors. Our attorneys pride themselves on defending the best interests of those who have been injured due to negligence on the part of large companies that compromise the safety of consumers in the interest of the bottom line. The team at Douglas & London is prepared to help you and your family collect the compensation you truly need and deserve.

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