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When death occurs because of the wrongful or negligent conduct of another party, our wrongful death attorneys at Douglas & London in New York, NY, can provide the representation you need to hold the responsible party accountable. Following the loss of a family member, our team can help you fight for the compensation needed in order to rebuild your life. Whether the responsible party is an individual, a large corporation, or even a government entity, our firm is prepared to stand with you and make certain that justice is served. To schedule a free case review, please call us at (212) 566-7500 or contact us online.

Who can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In the state of New York, only the personal representative of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the surviving spouse, children, other beneficiaries, or dependents. To have a personal representative appointed, you must begin the process of probating your loved one’s estate. The personal representative is usually executor of the will or administrator of the estate.

“Our attorneys have helped grieving families to collect millions in restitution for the loss of their loved ones.”

When filing a wrongful death lawsuit, your personal representative must prove that the other party was negligent and that this negligence resulted in your loved one’s death. To obtain any form of compensation in a wrongful death case, one must also prove that he or she suffered financial damages as a result of the loved one’s death. Financial damages may include any medical expenses associated with the loved one’s injury and funeral expenses. These damages may also include a general loss of income if you or your children were financially dependent on your loved one.

Accidents that can Result in Wrongful Death

Almost any serious accident can result in a fatality. Some accidents may cause an immediate fatality, while others cause severe injuries that result in a fatality at a later time. Motor vehicle collisions are some of the most common accidents that result in wrongful death. There are a number of other accidents that could result in a wrongful death, including:

Why Hire Douglas & London?

It is imperative that you work with an attorney who has handled wrongful death cases in New York. Our attorneys have helped grieving families to collect millions in restitution for the loss of their loved ones. As with other personal injury cases, the state of New York imposes statutes of limitations on wrongful death lawsuits, so it is in your best interest to speak with our attorneys as soon as possible.

Surviving family members are only eligible for compensation for economic losses and the deceased’s conscious pain and suffering. You cannot recover compensation for your own grief. Economic recovery will include any medical expenses associated with the injury, loss of income, and funeral expenses. We will work diligently to ensure the parties responsible for your loss are held accountable for their negligence or misconduct and strive to collect maximum compensation on your behalf.

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