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For most people, a slip and fall ruins their day. For some people, it ruins their life. These accidents can result in serious, even permanent injuries. They may result from a lack of maintenance from the property owner or management. Under New York’s premises liability laws, they have a duty to keep property safe.

A Riverdale slip and fall attorney at Douglas and London can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Many slip and fall injuries are minor, and the person does not spend time in the hospital or away from work. However, some injuries require considerable rehabilitation. They can cause long-term or permanent disability. Examples of such serious injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord damage

Where Slip and Falls Happen

A slip and fall can occur anywhere, but there are specific locations where they are more common. For example, supermarkets are a frequent site of slip and falls, because floors are mopped regularly. If the supermarket did not put up a warning sign or cordon off the area, they might prove liable if a customer slipped and suffered a serious injury.

Other common sites for slip and falls include:

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Parking lots
  • Public transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Retail establishments

Why Slip and Falls Happen

Slip and fall accidents happen for various reasons, and the injured party is often partially at fault. If it happens because of a trip hazard on the premises, the property owner is also liable.

Common slip and fall hazards relating to property owner negligence may include:

  • Broken stairs
  • Missing handrails
  • Poor lighting
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Uneven flooring or pavement
  • Torn carpeting
  • Walkway clutter

When any of these conditions are present, whether or not the owner should have known these hazards existed– is key to proving liability.

Ice and snow contribute to many of these accidents. Whether the property owner is liable depends upon when the slip and fall occurred. While owners must ameliorate this on their sidewalks and parking lots, they are allowed a reasonable amount of time to do so. That does not mean removing snow in the midst of a blizzard.  

It does mean, for instance, that owners should not permit melting ice to puddle in the parking lot and then freeze over.

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