Car Accidents

Can Car Insurance Companies Request Phone Records?

Douglas and London Car Accidents

A car insurance company that is trying to allocate fault for an automobile accident might request a driver’s cell phone records to determine if they were distracted by a call or text message. Before you comply with any insurance company request for your cell phone information, call Douglas and London …

How Do Insurance Companies Decide to Total a Car?

anoop k Car Accidents

Following a serious car accident, there is one important decision that your insurance company will make that could have a dramatic impact on your life and finances. That decision is whether or not to declare your vehicle as “totaled.” Many times after a car accident, your vehicle will need only …

Do You Really Need Collision Coverage?

anoop k Car Accidents

In New York, there are extensive requirements for auto insurance. Drivers in the Empire State must carry liability insurance. This coverage is designed to pay for bodily injury or property damage caused by another driver. However, it does not provide compensation for the insured driver’s own vehicles. Thankfully, collision coverage …

How Do You Determine if a Car is Totaled?

anoop k Car Accidents

Following a serious car accident, an insurance company will consider a car to be damaged beyond repair, or totaled, if the cost to repair the car exceeds a certain percentage of the car’s actual cash value immediately before the accident. This may sound like an objective and unbiased definition, but …

Rollover Car Accidents

anoop k Car Accidents

Rollover crashes are among the most serious kinds of auto accidents that can occur. As a vehicle tips over and rolls, occupants of the vehicle will be tossed and turned around. Even if you are wearing seatbelts and proper restraints, the trauma can be severe. This is especially true if …

Commercial Truck Driver Fatigue Crashes

anoop k Car Accidents

Driving while you’re sleepy, drowsy, or simply too tired is never a good idea. When you’re exhausted, you’re more likely to make mistakes behind the wheel, experienced delayed reaction times, have sluggish reflexes, or simply may just fall asleep. These can all lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. It …

Whiplash Car Accidents

anoop k Car Accidents

If you are involved in an auto collision, the injuries you sustain could have long-term repercussions. In fact, some injuries may not be readily apparent, only becoming so days after the crash. For example, whiplash from car accidents can be a serious neck injury that affects victims for a long …

Car Accidents and Speeding

anoop k Car Accidents

There are various factors that contribute to car accidents, in addition to driving practices that can increase the risk of a collision. However, few practices have proven to be as dangerous as speeding. According to accident data, speeding consistently ranks as one of the leading causes of car accidents. Sadly, …

Types of Distracted Driving

anoop k Car Accidents

There are multiple factors that contribute to the high number of car accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these accidents are directly linked to the negligent actions of drivers. Distracted driving is a particular concern. This practice is a contributing factor in almost one-fifth of all …

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