Are Rideshare Passengers Covered by Uber’s Insurance in New York?

Rideshare passengers are covered by Uber’s insurance policy under New York law. These passengers enjoy some of the most robust coverage available. This is good news for those injured in an Uber accident, as these policies can provide a route to recover compensation for their injuries.

If you have suffered injuries as a passenger in an Uber accident, an experienced attorney could help you obtain the monetary damages you deserve. From pursuing an insurance claim to filing a lawsuit, your NYC Uber accident lawyer can aid you throughout the entire process.

Insurance coverage for rideshare passengers

The insurance coverage provided by Uber for their drivers comes in three different tiers. While Uber provides substantial insurance coverage when a driver has a passenger on board, the policy limits are lower when a driver is actively seeking a rider– but has not yet picked one up. Uber does not insure their drivers at all– if they are not actively carrying a passenger or seeking one.

In New York, a passenger in an Uber vehicle can file a claim with its policy if the rideshare driver was at fault. Uber provides a maximum of $1.25 million in bodily injury or property damage.

If another motorist is responsible for the accident, a rideshare passenger can pursue a claim on their policy. While everyone is required to carry liability insurance in New York, many drivers fail to do so. What’s more, the minimum level of coverage might not be enough for the full amount of damages in an accident.

The good news is that Uber also provides uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If the at-fault driver’s policy does not cover your full amount of losses, you could file a claim with Uber’s policy.

The coverage that comes with these rideshare policies is substantial, but that does not mean Uber will always make the process easy. After a rideshare accident, an NYC Lyft accident lawyer can assist you with every aspect of your claim.

What to do following an Uber accident

If you are involved in an Uber accident as a passenger, the following steps can ensure your rights are protected:

  • Report the accident to Uber. Whether you use Uber’s incident report form or your mobile app, you should notify them immediately. This creates a digital record following the accident.
  • Speak to the police. The police will come to the scene of a crash when it involves an injury. Be sure to provide your information to the officer and mention you were a rideshare passenger. The police report should accurately reflect that you were an Uber passenger at the time of the crash.
  • Request a copy of the report. After the accident, you are entitled to a copy of the police report. Request a copy to ensure its accuracy.
  • Document the accident. If possible, take photos and collect other evidence related to the crash.
  • Seek medical treatment. If you suffer an injury, always seek medical treatment right away. This is true even in cases where you feel your injuries are minor. It is not unusual for car accident injuries to seem insignificant at first– but then become painful hours or days later.
  • Call a lawyer. You can best protect your legal rights with the help of an attorney

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