White Plains Car Accident Lawyer

Here in White Plains, living outside the city proper has never spared our residents from dealing with endless traffic snarls. It’s part of the price we pay for living near one of the world’s great cities. Fortunately, most of us are adept at navigating in and around the city—and mishaps are relatively rare. But, like the occasional hurricane, when an accident does happen, the consequences are often devastating.

If this has happened to you— you know that dealing with aftereffects of a car accident is challenging enough, but the task becomes almost unbearable when the pain and discomfort of your injuries are added. It’s time like these that a skilled car accident lawyer can be worth their weight in gold. That’s why we’d like to offer the following five tips.

Five things to look for in White Plains car accident lawyers

Here are the key things to remember during your search:

  1. Know that specialty counts: Auto accident law is a complex field that requires advanced legal acumen along with strong investigative skills. The sheer complexity of modern motor vehicles makes specialized knowledge essential, as does the ever-evolving New York legal environment. At Douglas and London, this is our specialty.
  2. Look for a law firm that produces results: No matter where you live, quality healthcare costs money, especially after an accident. Factor in the costs of lost wages, monthly bills, and it’s easy to see why the amount of compensation you receive plays a key role in your recovery. That’s why you should choose a car accident attorney with a history of obtaining favorable verdicts. It’s not about making money. It’s about making a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones.
  3. Remember that results alone aren’t enough: Yes, you should choose an attorney who knows how to present your case, but you should also look for a law firm that treats its clients like human beings, not like case numbers.
  4. Understand the other side’s point of view: The person who caused your accident has interests of his or her own, as does the company that insures their vehicle. You can expect them to defend those interests. This means that your White Plains car accident lawyers must be just as ready to defend yours.
  5. Give yourself the extra attention you need: Sometimes, accident victims try to fulfill their responsibilities just as they did before their injury, even if the price is prolonged pain or delayed recovery. This approach does nobody any good– neither yourself nor the people you care for.

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Here at Douglas & London, our car accident lawyers have represented many accident victims over the years. During that time, we have recovered more than $18 billion for our clients. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation. We’ve got the experience, the passion, and the resources to get you the damages you deserve – so that you can get to work on rebuilding your life.