University Heights Car Accident Lawyers

Automobiles are a practical necessity for most Americans, even for those of us who live in a densely populated area like University Heights. But, while cars make our lives easier, they can also cause terrible suffering.

A New York car accident attorney can make all the difference when you’re suffering from the negligence of others. That is why we invite you to get in touch with Douglas and London today if we can help in any way.

Six things you must do after an auto accident

As University Heights car accident lawyers, part of our job is to help you know what to do in the event of an accident. With that in mind, here are six steps you should take:

  1. Stay calm: This is one of the most essential things anyone should do after an automotive accident. Giving in to panic will only increase your odds of suffering further injury.
  2. Assess your condition as best you can: Are you clearheaded? Do you feel any pain? Do you notice any bleeding? Having the answers to these questions can help healthcare providers to evaluate and treat your injuries.
  3. Try not to move unless you’re sure you’re not hurt: Immediately after an accident, your body floods your bloodstream with adrenaline and endorphins that help suppress pain. In some cases, this effect can mask the true extent of your injuries.
  4. Gather as many facts about the accident as you can: If possible, you should note the exact time of day and the location of your accident. Try to get contact information for any witnesses. You can also use your smartphone or another mobile device to take pictures or record videos.
  5. Do what you can to help the other victims of the accident: Most serious auto accidents cause injuries to more than one person. You have a responsibility to help in any way that you reasonably can, so long as doing so does not put you in further danger.
  6. Get in touch with our team of University Heights car accident lawyers as soon as possible: The sooner you take this critical step, the sooner you’ll be on your way to receiving the compensation you need and deserve.

With so many law firms to choose from, why should you trust a Douglas and London New York car accident lawyer to handle your case? Here’s why:

  • We have the resources: Our firm is staffed by legal and investigative experts who know how to build the strongest possible case on your behalf.
  • We have the track record: Our skilled attorneys have recovered more than $18 billion for their clients over the years, a record that speaks for itself.
  • We have the right values: Not only do we offer free consultations; we never charge our clients directly for services. In fact, we only collect our fees if your case prevails.

Get in touch with us today to learn more. We look forward to being your advocate.