What Should You Do if You Slip and Fall on Ice?

Slips and falls are common in New York City after a freezing night. So, if you slip and fall in ice, whether on a sidewalk, a public parking lot, or an unkempt entrance to a store, it’s essential to get medical attention and ensure your injuries are well-documented. If possible, use your smartphone to take photos and videos, which can be used as evidence later.

Ice and snow are usually cleared regularly by residential and commercial property owners. Pictures and video will make sure your New York slip and fall lawyer has proof of how the ground looked when you were hurt. Solid evidence is important when making an injury claim against a negligent landlord, property manager, owner, or municipality.

The legal team at Douglas & London has helped hundreds of clients recover fair compensation after these types of accidents. If you are looking for sound legal counsel, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these steps to increase your odds of winning the monetary damages you need for your recovery.

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Get medical attention

See a doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t think you suffered any physical harm, or your injuries seem mild. Soft tissue injuries and concussions may be asymptomatic at first– but can quickly progress. In addition, insurance companies will want to see medical records of your slip and fall-related injuries, and a lack of this documentation can adversely affect your claim.

Report the incident

After seeing to your health, the next step is reporting it to the property manager, owner, or landlord. If it happened outside a commercial establishment, ask for an official accident report and request a copy. If you slipped in front of a friend’s apartment building, take steps to notify the building owner or operator.

Document the scene and your injuries

Before the ice melts or gets cleared, take photos of the area of pavement or ground where you fell. Make sure the photos accurately demonstrate the size and location of the ice patch in relation to surrounding objects.

Get witness names and contact info

If bystanders saw you fall on a slick patch of ice– get their full names and contact information. Their testimony can be helpful later on if they confirm that a shop owner or property manager failed to clear their sidewalks or entrances of dangerous ice.

Keep copies of all medical records and out-of-pocket costs

Thorough documentation that supports a sidewalk slip and fall accident includes copies of medical records, hospital bills, transportation costs to and from doctor appointments, and out-of-pocket fees you have incurred because of your fall. Along the same vein, keep any documents that show you missed crucial employment opportunities or work benefits because of your injuries. At Douglas & London, we can make this process easy by procuring medical records, reports of property violations, and surveillance footage when available.

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Save the shoes worn during the accident

Insurance companies may deflect blame by arguing that your footwear was inappropriate or somehow contributed to your slip and fall. Save the shoes worn when the accident happened to refute false claims.

Refrain from giving statements to insurance agents

Refrain from providing written or oral statements to insurance representatives until you speak with a reliable personal injury lawyer who excels in premises liability cases.

Retain an experienced NYC slip and fall lawyer

Slip and falls on ice often produce debilitating injuries that put victims in financial straits as they try to recover. Our attorneys understand the burdens that clients face and work tirelessly to achieve the best results in the most efficient manner possible. We offer free initial consultations, allowing you to ask questions and determine if you have a strong case moving forward.

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If you were hurt in a slip and fall on ice, you might be entitled to significant legal damages for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Due to the complex features of slip and fall claims in NYC, it pays to choose an established law firm that can maximize your chances of a successful outcome.

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