Should I Report My Rideshare Accident to Uber?

Uber and other rideshare companies have quickly become an essential mode of transportation in the city. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions have also become common with Uber drivers. If this has happened to you– file a report with the company right away.

This is only the first step toward ensuring that you recover compensation for your injuries. In addition to a report, you may also have to pursue an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit to recover the damage you deserve. Discussing these options with an NYC Uber accident lawyer could prove to be beneficial in your case.

Who can file a report with Uber?

Anyone can file a report with Uber following a crash. As a passenger, you can file one about an accident or another complaint directly from your mobile app. This ensures that Uber is notified of your accident and creates a digital record establishing your potential injury claim.

Once you contact Uber through the app, representatives from the company will follow up with you. Otherwise, reporting an accident requires the use of the official Uber incident form. It is for everyone– from motorists to pedestrians struck by an Uber driver.

Uber is known for providing robust insurance coverage for its passengers. In many cases, pedestrians and other motorists could also be entitled to coverage. The best way to determine if you have the right to compensation through an Uber insurance policy is by speaking directly with our team of New York City car accident lawyers.

What happens next?

Once you report the accident, the company typically forwards that information to the appropriate insurance carrier. If you were a passenger, these insurance policies typically pay out benefits fairly quickly. For non-passengers, the next steps in the process will depend on whether or not Uber accepts liability.

For example, some insurance companies will review the facts of the collision and determine that their driver was not at fault. In those cases, the rideshare company and their insurance will not agree to pay your damages. In other situations, Uber might determine that their driver was not covered by their policy at the time of the crash.

The good news is that you are not without recourse if Uber or their insurance company denies your claim. You are entitled to pursue legal action against the negligent driver and any other at-fault party. Even if Uber’s insurance policy does not apply, the driver must carry their own coverage on their vehicle.

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