How Long Will My New York City Uber Accident Case Take?

If you have been injured in an Uber accident in New York City, you may have many financial obligations because of it. One of the most frequent questions that an NYC Uber accident lawyer receives is– how much time will this take? There is no set answer, but the typical case may last anywhere from several months to several years. An experienced attorney can help you understand what factors may impact the amount of time your case will take.

How NYC Uber accidents are resolved

Personal injury cases like Uber accidents are usually concluded by either a settlement or a trial verdict. Settlements are common and can happen at any time– from before you even file a lawsuit to after the start of a trial.

Uber accidents are different from other car accidents because of the insurance complexities, and the ride-sharing business relationship between the driver and the company. These factors can impact who is legally responsible for an accident, and who you must negotiate with to reach a settlement.

Our seasoned New York City car accident lawyers  at Douglas & London take an aggressive approach to building a case from the very beginning– the initial handling of the case can have a significant impact on the insurance carrier’s understanding of its merits. Presenting a strong front from the outset can lead to full compensation without filing a court complaint. When a lawsuit is still necessary, that groundwork better positions the case for litigation.

How long an Uber accident case takes in New York

A relatively uncomplicated case may be concluded within six months if the parties quickly reach an understanding about who was at fault, how severe the injuries were, and any other issues that may come up. When the parties do not cooperate or cannot agree on liability or damages, the case may require a greater investment of time, sometimes taking two or more years to conclude.

Once liability and damages are clear, a case can most likely be settled voluntarily. In some situations, there may be a complicated legal argument that needs a judge’s intervention.


Since New York has adopted a no-fault liability system in minor accidents, it will not matter whose negligence caused the crash– each party must seek compensation from their own policy. When the injuries meet the state definition of “serious,” liability matters. A victim must then show that the other party was liable before being permitted to recover from their insurance policy.

When an Uber driver was at fault, the company may deny responsibility because its drivers are independent contractors rather than employees. In most places, Uber carries insurance that covers accidents while a driver is carrying passengers, but in New York City, the rules are different. The drivers are required to have special commercial car insurance like taxi and limousine drivers. It is crucial to zero in on which policies provide coverage according to the facts in the case.


The cost to treat injuries and compensate for other losses like lost wages and pain and suffering is a key factor in an accident case. An injury victim needs to prove the extent of their injuries and that they were caused by the accident. They also need to show the expected future impact, which may require the testimony of expert witnesses.

The defense will look for evidence that the claims are exaggerated or that a prior event caused the injuries. New York City personal injury lawyers prepare for these arguments by building a case focusing on the connection between the Uber accident and the physical and emotional toll it has taken on the plaintiff.

The more questions about liability and damages your case involves, the longer your case will likely take. Factors like multiple parties, questions over the severity of injuries, and whether the driver was considered on the job at the time of the accident– can all add to the time it takes to finish your case.

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