How do you file a car insurance claim?

Being deprived of an automobile for even a few days can have a major impact on our quality of our lives. Auto insurance is designed to protect us from the problems that can stem from an accident. But all the coverage in the world is useless unless you know how to file a claim. So, in this post, we’ll cover the steps you need to take after an auto accident, including how to deal with your insurer.

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Take care of yourself first

The health and wellbeing of yourself and your passengers (if any) should always come first. If you suspect that you’ve been injured in any way, then call for medical help immediately. Take no chances.

Call law enforcement

Contacting law enforcement is the next step you should take. Here’s why:

  • For your own safety: People are often unpredictable after an auto accident. The other party may be angry or even aggressive towards you. Having law enforcement on the scene can guard you against possible trouble.
  • To create an official record: Officers are trained to investigate auto accidents and to write up objective reports. Their input is essential for obtaining a fair amount of compensation from your insurer.
  • To assess your vehicle’s condition: Knowing whether your car is safe to drive after an accident is not always easy.An officer can evaluate the damage to your vehicle and make a recommendation. Always follow whatever advice the police provide.

Call your insurance company 

Your insurance card should have a toll-free number on it that you can call 24/7 to report an accident. You may also be able to find this information online or by using the company’s dedicated app.

A representative will advise you on the steps you need to take to start the claims process. If your car is no longer drivable, then the insurer can contact a towing service. The company may also assist you with acquiring a rental vehicle or obtaining lodging in the area if you’re away from home. 

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Contact the motor vehicle department in your community

Do this as soon as you can. It’s an important step in documenting the collision and helping you to obtain compensation. Department officials may request a copy of the accident report for their records.

It’s crucial to provide whatever information the department requests from you. Failing to do so may leave you open to legal penalties later on. It can also endanger your chances of receiving fair compensation for your losses.

Meet with the insurance adjuster or accident investigator

Your insurer will probably send a specially trained expert to evaluate the condition of your vehicle unless the damage was very slight. You may need to arrange a time to meet with this person, either at the site of the accident or at the auto shop, where your vehicle is being serviced.

The adjustor may declare your automobile inoperable. In such cases, you or your finance company will receive compensation in the amount of fair market value for your car or truck.

Contact an auto shop to have your vehicle repaired

You should always have your auto checked by a qualified technician after any accident, no matter how minor. Sometimes even light cosmetic problems can cause performance or safety issues. This is especially true with today’s complex, electronically enhanced automobiles.

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Talk to a qualified car accident attorney in New York

Insurance companies are supposed to look out for accident victims. But sometimes they worry more about their bottom line than about doing the right thing.

If you’re unhappy with the offer you receive from your insurer, then we urge you to contact our New York City car accident lawyers right away. Putting off this important step can ruin your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is never fun. But following the tips in this post can help you to move past the incident and enjoy a happier future. In times to come, you’ll thank yourself for the steps you take today.