Is Your Child Addicted to Juul E-Cigarettes?

Douglas and LondonJUUL

According to recent surveys, roughly 10 percent of students in American middle and high schools are regularly vaping. This amounts to over 2 million teens and young adults who are putting themselves at risk. Parents must be aware of the risks of vaping and look for signs in their children. …

Filing a Child Victims Act Claim

Douglas and LondonChild Victims Act

For adults who suffered sexual abuse as a child, the Child Victims Act allows holding those at fault accountable. The law provides a renewed opportunity for justice for those who were no longer eligible to file a claim due to the expiration of the prior statute of limitations. In addition, …

Can Car Insurance Companies Request Phone Records?

Douglas and LondonCar Accidents

A car insurance company that is trying to allocate fault for an automobile accident might request a driver’s cell phone records to determine if they were distracted by a call or text message. Before you comply with any insurance company request for your cell phone information, call Douglas and London …

How Do Insurance Companies Decide to Total a Car?

anoop kCar Accidents

Following a serious car accident, there is one important decision that your insurance company will make that could have a dramatic impact on your life and finances. That decision is whether or not to declare your vehicle as “totaled.” Many times after a car accident, your vehicle will need only …

Do You Really Need Collision Coverage?

anoop kCar Accidents

In New York, there are extensive requirements for auto insurance. Drivers in the Empire State must carry liability insurance. This coverage is designed to pay for bodily injury or property damage caused by another driver. However, it does not provide compensation for the insured driver’s own vehicles. Thankfully, collision coverage …

How Do You Determine if a Car is Totaled?

anoop kCar Accidents

Following a serious car accident, an insurance company will consider a car to be damaged beyond repair, or totaled, if the cost to repair the car exceeds a certain percentage of the car’s actual cash value immediately before the accident. This may sound like an objective and unbiased definition, but …

What You Need to Know About JUUL

Douglas and LondonJUUL

What did JUUL do wrong? JUUL Labs Inc. – which is 35% owned by Big Tobacco company Altria, the makers of Marlboro – has been implicated in multiple issues. The first one, which is the base for many of the harsh allegations against them, is their illegal marketing to minors. …

Commercial Truck Driver DUI

anoop kDUI

We expect professional drivers to be safe and attentive of all rules of the road no matter what. This is especially important for commercial truck drivers who operate tractor-trailers. These vehicles can be extremely dangerous in collisions, causing catastrophic truck accidents that result in serious or fatal injuries. In some …

Soldier firing weapon - earplugs

3M Earplugs: Valuing Profits Over Country

anoop k3M Earplugs

The Department of Justice issued a press release which stated: “Through rigorous enforcement of the False Claims Act, we protect taxpayer dollars from waste, fraud, and abuse”, said U. S. Attorney Sherri Lydon for the District of South Carolina.  “And in this case, in particular, we are proud to defend …

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