Belmont Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have fallen on the property of another person, you might have a valid legal claim against the owner. Not all accidents will result in a claim for compensation, however. A property owner must have been aware of the hazard that caused your fall but failed to take action.

If you believe you are entitled to compensation, we may be able to help. By filing a claim on your behalf, we could assist you in recovering financial damages. An experienced slip and fall attorney from our team can evaluate your case and help to move the claim forward.

How slip and fall accidents happen

Understanding a slip and fall accident is essential for anyone pursuing a claim for compensation. Without identifying the hazard that caused your fall, you could struggle to demonstrate that the property owner knew of its existence and failed to act.

The hazards that cause slip and fall accidents can be natural or human-made. They can include, for example, inclement weather conditions or defective flooring. What ties these factors together is their risk of injury and the property owner’s failure to address them in a reasonable manner. Common factors also include:

  • Loose handrails
  • Torn carpet
  • Accumulated snow or ice
  • Spilled beverages
  • Unsecured rugs
  • Broken floorboards
  • Cracked sidewalks

When a property owner or occupier fails to take reasonable steps to address these hazards, a slip and fall lawyer might be able to hold them accountable for their actions.

Available compensation

The compensation that might be available depends on the severity of your injuries. Common examples include:

  • Medical bills. The cost of medical treatment can be high. In some cases where traumatic injuries occur, these healthcare needs could extend for the rest of a person’s life.
  • Lost wages. Injuries routinely cause a person to miss work. When this results in missed paychecks, a successful injury claim might help you recover these amounts from the property owner.
  • Pain and suffering. Slip and fall injuries can be painful. While the value of your pain is subjective, the court could award damages for your suffering if your claim is successful.
  • Mental anguish. In some cases, the memories of a slip and fall injury can haunt you long after the injuries heal. Compensation could be available for this through a successful claim.

Reach out to our team of Belmont slip and fall lawyers

Do you have questions about your potential slip and fall injury claim? If you do, you are not alone. At Douglas and London, our slip and fall lawyers are prepared to answer any questions you might have about your claim. This is why we offer free consultations to anyone suffering from an injury following a fall. You can ask questions about your claim and discuss your chances of success with an attorney. To get started, set up a free consultation with us right away.