Astoria Slip and Lawyer

Astoria is a community on the move, as anyone familiar with our bustling waterfront areas can tell you. But economic development brings its share of risks, including the ever-present danger of slip and fall accidents.

Getting the compensation, you deserve after a serious injury takes more than good insurance. It also requires the assistance of a qualified slip and fall attorney. Get in touch with us today to schedule your no-cost consultation.

What to expect after a slip and fall accident

You’re walking along one day, just minding your own business, when suddenly you find yourself flying through the air feet-first. As your body collides with the ground, you realize that you’ve been hurt.

What happens next? As always, your health and well-being come first. Seek immediate medical help. It sometimes takes hours or even days for accident-related injuries to become apparent.

Another reason to have a healthcare professional check you out is to lay the groundwork for an insurance claim. The more documentation you have to prove your side of the story, the better your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Be sure to precisely follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations. As soon as you’re able to, it’s a good idea to revisit the site of your injury and talk to any witnesses who may have seen what happened. You might also want to take pictures of the scene for later review by our team of Astoria slip and fall lawyers.

The party at fault for your accident may refer you to their insurance company or make an outright offer in settlement. It can be tempting to jump on this immediately. However, it’s almost always in your best interest to talk to a qualified slip and fall attorney first. Here’s why:

  • To protect yourself from possible high-pressure or intimidation: It’s not unusual for accident victims to feel vulnerable or apprehensive. Sadly, insurance companies or negligent parties can take advantage of this. Our Astoria slip and fall lawyers know how to deal with these tactics, giving you the breathing space, you need to make an informed decision.
  • To get a ballpark figure of how much compensation you can reasonably expect: Personal injury attorneys know what’s realistic and what’s not when it comes to receiving a settlement.
  • To spare you needless worry and fear: Talking to a legal professional is a great way to relieve these concerns and give you back your sense of optimism.

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