Woodhaven Car Accident Lawyer

Queens has the dubious distinction of the New York City borough with the highest number of car accidents. Pedestrian deaths are also highest in the borough, rising 14.5 percent in 2018 over the previous year. Statistics mean little when you become one of them, especially when your injuries result from another driver’s recklessness or negligence. You are facing a long and difficult recovery, mounting medical bills, substantial time lost from work, and the possibility of long-term impairment.

The car accident lawyers at Douglas and London can protect your rights and help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries. Our experienced attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients in verdicts and settlements.

What not to do after a car accident

After an auto accident, what to avoid doing is often as critical as what you do. Even though you are hurt and angry, do not post photos or comments regarding the accident on social media. Insurance companies scour the social media accounts of accident victims to see if there are statements made that could harm the injured party’s claim. Always keep in mind that insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible, as that is their business model.

For that reason, do not give a statement to an insurance adjuster until you have obtained legal advice from a car accident attorney. The adjuster may ask questions that could trap you into inadvertently admitting fault or otherwise hurt your claim. You are still recuperating from your injury and need time to rest and recover. A personal injury attorney knows a fair settlement amount for the type of injuries suffered by the client and will negotiate aggressively with the insurance company. More than 90 percent of insurance claims are settled, but when an insurance company will not agree to a reasonable settlement, it is time to go to trial.

Time limits

In New York, an injured person has three years from the date of the accident in which to file a personal injury lawsuit. That does not mean you have plenty of time to wait before seeking legal help – quite the contrary. The sooner the investigation into your case starts, the better. Not only is there less likelihood of crucial evidence disappearing, but the resolution of your case and any monetary damages will occur more quickly.

Unfortunately, car accident victims may die from their injuries. In such situations, the personal representative of the estate has two years from the death date in which to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Contact a Woodhaven car accident lawyer

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a car accident caused by another driver, do not despair. A car accident lawyer at Douglas and London will hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. Call us 24/7 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. Whether your accident involved a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle, we work hard so that you can receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Since we work on a contingency basis, there is never a fee unless we win.