Williamsburg Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

As one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, full of places to shop, eat and indulge in cultural activities, Williamsburg is a pedestrian’s dream. For some individuals, however, that dream turns into a nightmare if they encounter a negligent or reckless driver.

Perhaps you consider it a miracle that you survived the collision. People hit by cars often succumb to their injuries. Many others find themselves permanently impaired and unable to work or support themselves or their families.

During this challenging time, you need someone who will protect your rights and negotiate aggressively with the driver’s insurance company. The New York City pedestrian accident lawyers at Douglas and London can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents run the gamut, from people hit by cars, trucks, city buses and taxis—to name just a few. Motorcycles and bicyclists can also cause pedestrian accidents. Further, plenty of these collisions take place in parking lots and loading zones.

Usually, these accidents occur because the driver failed to yield to the pedestrian or was distracted. Other common causes include speeding, driving while under the influence, failure to check mirrors while backing up, and sheer recklessness.


Sometimes, the driver is not the only party responsible for the collision. Lack of proper maintenance on the part of the city can lead to potholes, uneven surfaces, and other conditions contributing to or even causing the accident. Even if the pedestrian was partly at fault, crossing against the light or jaywalking, it does not absolve the driver, or the city.

A pedestrian accident lawyer would investigate the case thoroughly to determine all liable parties.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries. If it is possible, call 911 immediately. Take photos and videos of the accident scene. Obtain the driver’s name, address, contact, and insurance information, and driver’s license number.

Always seek prompt medical attention, even if you think you were unhurt. Many injuries do not appear immediately, and a medical examination is a necessity if you want to pursue a case.

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