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Like so many others, your life and your business were turned upside down during the pandemic. You thought your business interruption (BI) insurance offered some protection since your premiums were always paid on time. Now your insurer has either denied your claim or told you not to bother filing one since denial is certain.

However, do not hesitate to file even if your insurance representative tells you otherwise. You must prove the insurer denied your claim before filing a lawsuit or joining a class-action lawsuit. Insurance claims are time-sensitive, so file it at once if you have not done so.

A Westchester County business interruption insurance lawyer at Douglas and London will carefully review your policy and let you know your options. 

Business Interruption Insurance

Under normal circumstances, BI insurance covered damage to the premises resulting from natural disasters, such as fire, and similar perils. While Covid-19 has not caused actual physical damage to the property, the business may now require constant cleaning and sanitizing.

Many policies exclude damage resulting from viruses or bacteria. That does not necessarily mean there is no way to pursue compensation for your losses if your policy contains such an exclusion. That is why a comprehensive policy review by a legal professional is critical.

Policy Review

Every policy contains specific language citing what is and what is not covered. Conditions not covered are generally excluded.

Commercial insurance policies often run between 150 and 200 pages or more. These policies usually contain many clauses, some of which are vague and open to interpretation. Only a detailed examination will reveal potential avenues to receiving coverage for pandemic-related business losses.

Many policies cover losses due to actions taken by civil authorities. That should include government-mandated shutdowns of non-essential businesses.

State Actions

New York and several other states have introduced legislation that would either share insurance carrier risk or force insurers to honor BI insurance claims. None of these bills have yet made it into law, and insurance companies are mounting a vigorous defense. However, as we have seen throughout the pandemic, the situation is rapidly changing.

New York’s bill would extend business interruption coverage for businesses with fewer than 250 employees– working at least a 25-hour workweek. If the bill becomes law, the virus injury exclusion is nullified. 

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The pandemic took away your livelihood, and you do not know whether your business can survive. You do know that survival is unlikely if your insurance carrier does not cover your losses. An experienced Westchester County business interruption insurance attorney at Douglas and London will fight aggressively to help you obtain compensation. We will also keep you informed of all New York and national legislation about Covid-19 and its effects on business.

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