West Village Personal Injury Lawyer

A severe injury could turn your life upside down. In addition to the stress of dealing with physical recovery, you could also find yourself in a financial bind. Serious injuries can lead to substantial medical bills. While paying these bills can be difficult under the best circumstances, doing so when you are too injured to work can be particularly challenging. The good news is that a West Village personal injury lawyer could assist you in recovering damages for these accidents.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person, you are entitled to pursue legal action against them. These claims can be complex, but Douglas & London could assist you during the process. Call right away to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Douglas & London.

Resolving a personal injury claim

There are two ways to prevail with a personal injury claim: reaching a settlement or obtaining a trial verdict. In most cases, Douglas & London is able to negotiate a settlement with the other party. When settlement is impossible, a trial verdict could be your best chance of recovery.

Negotiating a settlement could occur during any phase of an injury case. Often, our firm resolves a lawsuit shortly after taking on a claim. Some defendants are motivated to settle when they realize there is little chance of winning at trial. However, many settlements will only occur after a lawsuit is filed.

During a lawsuit, settlements can occur after the close of the discovery phase. The discovery phase occurs early on in a lawsuit. It involves both parties in the case providing the other side with the evidence they intend to use at trial. In some cases, a defendant will agree to a settlement after they see the strength of the evidence against them. Settlement could still occur up until the day a trial is scheduled.

If your personal injury attorney is unable to settle your case, you still have options to recover compensation at trial. If you are able to demonstrate to a jury that the defendant was negligent, they could enter a verdict in your favor for the damages you are seeking.

A consultation is always free

If you are on the fence about filing a personal injury claim, a consultation with Douglas & London could provide you with the answers you need. We understand the importance of understanding the litigation process, which is why consultations are always free. During your consultation, we will answer your questions and evaluate the strength of your claims. You are under no obligation to choose our firm after your consultation is over, but we are confident our experience could help you maximize your recovery.

Work with a West Village personal injury attorney

If you are ready to move forward with your injury claim, we are prepared to help you every step of the way. Through hard work, Douglas & London could help you maximize your compensation through a settlement or at trial. Call right away to get started.