Waterbury, CT Business Interruption Insurance Lawyer

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended businesses across numerous industries, and insurers are swiftly denying claims for business interruption payouts that could help thousands avoid bankruptcy and stay afloat. If you’ve lost income and customers as a result of pandemic closures and regulations, keep track of your losses and contact Douglas & London about your rights to legal recourse.

We are dedicated to providing high caliber legal representation to business owners seeking reparations for losses due to the coronavirus. If your insurance company has delayed or denied your claim for benefits, we are prepared to help. Our Waterbury business interruption insurance lawyers understand your frustrations and provide client-focused advocacy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reaching out for a free consultation with our firm.

Why work with Douglas & London?

Talk to a business interruption insurance attorney at Douglas & London about your rights. We have a thorough understanding of the arguments and strategies used by the area’s largest insurance companies. Whether you’ve been discouraged from filing a claim for COVID-related losses to your business, or have already been denied for supposed exclusions, you deserve an advocate who is well-versed in insurance disputes.

Insurance policies are notorious for fine print, vague verbiage, and confusing legalese. Let us review your business interruption policy and determine your best course of action. You may be eligible to pursue a civil claim based on breach of contract, bad faith, or unfair practices.

Our attorneys recognize the struggles faced by business owners during these financially stressful times. Money is tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to top-notch legal counsel. Since we handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, there is no charge if we don’t recover compensation on your behalf.

Representing business owners in Waterbury, CT

Business interruption insurance is designed to protect policyholders whose operations are stopped or hampered due to a covered disaster or event. While business interruption policies are subject to limits and certain exclusions, insurance companies are using every tactic to shield themselves from paying on valid claims. After all, they stand to lose billions of dollars and are only interested in protecting their own bottom line.

Our Waterbury business interruption insurance lawyers are here to protect your rights during these unprecedented times and seek the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. It remains to be seen if novel coronavirus contamination will qualify as ‘physical damage’ and whether the courts will rule that insurance companies should pay BI claims on applicable policies.

Douglas & London is well-positioned to represent owners of hotels, motels, salons, restaurants, gyms, retail operations, and other service providers. Our mission is clear. We are committed to representing businesses of all sizes that are struggling because their insurance company failed to cover pandemic-related losses. Policyholders have paid hefty premiums for years, and deserve all the benefits they are rightfully due.

Is there still time to file a business interruption claim?

Business interruption claims arising from COVID-19 losses need to be filed as soon as possible. If you have not yet filed a claim, let a business interruption insurance lawyer from Douglas & London review your policy at no cost to you. Working together, we can maximize your chances of securing a successful outcome.