How Do You Prove a Legionnaires’ Disease Claim in New York?

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You can prove a New York Legionnaires’ disease claim with evidence that a hotel, hospital, or other public venues negligently allowed the bacteria that causes the disease to proliferate in a water and air handling system. That proof requires a methodical analysis and collection of available evidence and a presentation of that evidence by an experienced Legionnaires’ attorney. They can connect the source of the disease with your losses and injuries.

For almost twenty years, the personal injury lawyers at Douglas and London in Manhattan have represented individuals who have suffered illness and complications after exposure to Legionnaires’ disease at a New York location. If you believe that you have contracted it, seek medical treatment without delay, then call our firm to start the process of proving your claim.  

What is the first step to prove a Legionnaires’ Disease claim?

The Legionella bacteria breeds in warm water sources, including hot tubs, water heating systems, cooling towers, fountains, and more. If you experience symptoms of the disease (e.g. coughing, fever, headaches, shortness of breath) within a few days after you were close to one of those sources, ask your doctor to perform a blood test for the presence of Legionella.

How do you support your claim?

To support your claim, your medical tests will need to confirm the presence of it in your blood, urine, phlegm, and other body fluids. Disease antibodies will remain in your blood for several weeks after your initial exposure. A series of blood tests over several weeks may be required to firmly establish your exposure.  

Your lawyer will also commission and test water samples from the locations you visited before your diagnosis. They will also determine if an outbreak among several people can be traced to a single place and will have experts analyze airflow patterns and other environmental conditions. These will be used to verify if those conditions enabled the distribution of the bacteria from its source.

Do you need to show damages to support a New York Legionnaires’ Disease lawsuit?

You can sue for Legionnaires’ disease when your illness caused you to suffer actual economic and non-economic losses, including:

  • Actual and potential future medical expenses
  • Wages and salary you lost while you recovered
  • Pain and suffering
  • Costs and expenses associated with long-term or permanent disabilities

You should retain all of your doctors’ bills, pay stubs, and other receipts for the expenses associated with your illness. Your lawyer will use those materials to prove that you suffered economic and non-economic damages due to a party’s negligence in facilitating your exposure to Legionella.

Call the Legionnaires’ Disease Lawyers at Douglas and London for a No-Fee Assessment of Your Claims

Proving your Legionnaires’ disease claims in New York will require the knowledge and experience of personal injury attorneys who understand the disease’s exposure and transmission patterns. If you believe you have Legionnaires’ disease, call us to schedule a no-fee, no-obligation consultation. If you retain our services and we accept your case, we will work tirelessly to prove your claims and recover the largest available damages award you deserve.