Stuyvesant Town Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents may occur anywhere in New York City. With just one slip or trip, your life changes, possibly permanently. That slip may cost you mobility, considerable pain, and the inability to work or care for loved ones.

The Stuyvesant Town slip and fall lawyers at Douglas and London will work hard to make sure the person or entity responsible for your injuries is  held accountable and to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our compassionate lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for injured clients in verdicts and settlements.

Duty of Care

New York property owners, whether commercial or private, have a duty of care to make sure their premises are safe. That means owners or managers are under the obligation to inspect the premises regularly and identify and repair potential hazards. Besides ameliorating possibly dangerous conditions, they should work proactively to prevent injuries by taking reasonable precautions.

Sometimes, it is not possible to fix a hazardous condition right away. Under such circumstances, the owner or manager must warn customers or visitors of the situation. This may involve posting signage – such as a Wet Floor warning – or cordoning off the area.

What Actions Should You Take After a Slip and Fall?

With any slip and fall claim, documentation is key. While still on the scene of the incident, if you are able, take photos or videos of the scene and of your injuries. If you are too badly hurt to do so, try to get a friend or relative to the scene quickly so they may preserve this evidence. One crucial reason this is so important is that a property owner may correct the slip hazard after the fact, and then allege it did not exist.

For example, if a person trips on torn carpeting or over debris left in a walkway, the owner may replace the carpeting or simply remove the junk that caused the fall. Without photos showing what the scene looked like at the time of the incident, the case becomes harder to prove.

Report the slip and fall immediately to the owner or management. Most businesses will have a form for the injured person to fill out. Go to the doctor or the emergency room right away, even if you think your injury was minor. The severity of some injuries is not apparent immediately, and failing to obtain medical attention harms your claim.

Never agree to a settlement with an insurance company until consulting an attorney. A lawyer will know whether the amount is reasonable and will negotiate with the insurer for the maximum compensation for the client.

Contact a Stuyvesant Town Slip and Fall Lawyer

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