Stratford, CT Business Interruption Insurance Lawyer

In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, businesses of all types throughout Stratford, Connecticut and the rest of the NYC metro area were ordered to close. The effects of these periodic shutdowns have been financially devastating, and thousands of business owners are struggling with mounting expenses as they attempt to get reimbursement of their business interruption losses from their commercial property insurance policies.

Insurance companies, by and large, have responded by denying or stonewalling claims arising from coronavirus business interruption losses. Many carriers have stated they intend to fight payouts tooth and nail, sparking a wave of insurance dispute lawsuits across the country.

If your business interruption claim was denied for COVID-19 related losses, or you have general questions about your rights to benefits under your policy, Douglas & London is qualified to help. Please contact us to arrange a private consultation with a business interruption insurance lawyer. The initial case review is free, and a useful way to understand your rights to pursue the coverage which you have paid for, and may be rightfully owed.

Why COVID-19 claims for business interruption are denied

Hotels, retail stores, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses have purchased business interruption insurance to help them navigate disastrous events like the current COVID-19 pandemic. Now in dire financial straits, these policyholders are being told that their business losses are not covered by the very insurance they bought to protect them.  Many BI policies have exclusions for claims related to infectious diseases and viruses, or if there was no direct physical loss to the insured property.

Even with these provisions, policyholders may still be eligible for compensation, and our Stratford business interruption insurance lawyers are here to assist you through these unchartered waters.

The attorneys of Douglas & London can evaluate your entire insurance policy, interpret the scope of your BI coverage and terms and conditions that trigger payment. Once we have a thorough understanding of what – if any — limitations are imposed on your business interruption policy, we can outline the best strategies for moving forward.

Losses covered by BI policies

Business interruption insurance acts as a sort of safety net – providing financial assistance to businesses that are forced to close down or stop operations as a result of a covered peril or event. Policies may vary slightly, but in general, this insurance should cover:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Staff wages and benefits
  • Loan payments
  • Quarterly and annual taxes
  • Costs for temporary or permanent relocation
  • Mortgage, lease or rent payments
  • Additional necessary expenses such as advertising

Stratford, CT business interruption insurance lawyers can help

At Douglas & London, we understand that these extraordinary times are difficult for business owners everywhere. Our veteran legal team will fight hard to protect your business interests. We offer powerful representation on a contingency basis. Explore your options with a business interruption insurance attorney Stratford residents trust.