Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer

The economic impact of a car accident can be devastating, even with “good” health insurance coverage and auto insurance. In 2017, the average cost of a disabling motor vehicle accident reached $93,800. This far exceeds the $25,000 bodily injury coverage required by auto insurers.

For many auto accident victims, medical bills and vehicle repairs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their losses. Over the long haul, medications, rehabilitative therapies, home modifications to accommodate a disability, assistive homemaking services, and intangible suffering take their toll. When you factor in lost quality of life, the total cost of an automobile crash can exceed $1 million in comprehensive losses.

Six or seven-figure “surprise” expenses are enough to put anyone’s financial security at risk, no matter how much you make at work or how well you’ve saved your whole life. Before liquidating your assets or declaring bankruptcy, it’s worth speaking to a car accident lawyer at Douglas and London to explore your full set of options. A no-obligation initial consultation will cost you nothing.

A Legal Advocate Will Protect Your Best Interests

No doubt, the auto insurance adjuster will be calling you shortly after the accident. They’ll seem to lend a “sympathetic ear” and ask you how you’re doing. They may ask you for a recorded statement. Adjusters may be perfectly nice people, but their job descriptions put them directly in opposition to your best interests. They are hired to determine how much to pay you, but they are incentivized to pay you as little as possible, so the insurance company meets profit goals for the year.

Your contingency-based car accident attorney, on the other hand, only gets paid if you get paid. The largest settlement possible is in both of your best interests. While some costs are straightforward – like the cost of your ambulance ride, hospital stay, or surgery – other costs can be more subjective. How much “pain and suffering” has your accident cost you? How much is your reduced future working capacity worth? At Douglas and London, we collaborate with experienced economic experts to build a case.

Let Us Manage the Lawsuit, So You Can Focus On Your Health

To build a strong claim for compensation, you must request copies of your medical records, interview eyewitnesses, secure the services of specialists and experts, get a copy of your police report, track your expenses, and deal with insurance adjusters. All of these tasks detract from your focus on recovery. A personal injury attorney at our firm takes care of all these details for you, so you can rest easy and feel better.

Obstacles sometimes arise that threaten the validity of your claim. There may be disputes in fault or liability. You may need additional help from an accident reconstruction expert or private investigators. Our skilled Staten Island personal injury lawyerswill be an asset to your claim, whether you end up accepting a fair settlement or go all the way through trial.

Get Peace of Mind When You Work With an Expert

Do you know a fair settlement when you see one? With nearly two decades of experience negotiating car accident settlements, the car accident lawyers at Douglas and London can accurately estimate what your injury claim is truly worth. Contact us for a free consultation.