Starett City Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a fall, you could have the right to pursue legal action. You may have a viable claim against the property owner. Not every fall on another person’s property will result in compensation, though. The strength of your claim depends on the steps the property owner took to address the cause of your fall.

When a property owner fails to uphold their duty, our Douglas and London team of Starret City slip and fall lawyers can hold them responsible for their inaction. Whether the fall occurred at a business, public place, or private residence, a skilled personal injury attorney could help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Proving negligence in a slip and fall accident

Like with most injury lawsuits, you will only recover monetary compensation if you can show the owner of the property was negligent. There are three important elements to negligence in these cases, which include:

  • You had the right to be on the property
  • The owner was negligent in caring for the property, and
  • The negligence led to your injury.

Negligence can manifest in many ways. For example, a property owner aware of an uncovered well on their premises could fail to address it, or the manager of a grocery store who fails to clean spilled food promptly. Ultimately, when an owner or manager doesn’t address a hazard, they could face liability for your accident. A slip and fall attorney could work with you to recover compensation from the negligent party responsible for your injuries.

No fee unless we win

For many victims, the prospect of paying the fees of an attorney could seem impossible. Following the accident, many people are too hurt to return to work right away. The financial and emotional stress that follow might make it feel that hiring an attorney is out of reach.

That is not the case when you work with Douglas & London. Our firm is dedicated to assisting our clients through this difficult time, which is why we will never ask for upfront legal fees. If we are unable to recover compensation in your case, you will never owe us a dollar.

Free consultation

Do you still have questions about your claim? We understand. That is why the initial consultation with us is always free. At your consultation, we will answer your questions without pressuring you to work with us going forward.

Contact our team of Starret City slip and fall lawyers

The process of recovering damages in a slip and fall lawsuit is often challenging. Most property owners are covered by insurance, which means you can expect their attorneys to drag out the process. However, if you have the right legal team, they could work to ensure the court hears your claim– in a timely manner. Reach out to Douglas & London to learn about how a slip and fall lawyer might help you recover the damages you deserve.