Starrett City Car Accident Lawyer

Starrett City may not be Brooklyn’s oldest neighborhood, but it’s certainly one of the best. Like the rest of the city, our community is distinguished by its historic roots as well as its modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

There is a dark side to all of this mobility, however, in the form of auto accidents that can inflict terrible suffering and financial struggles on their victims. When good people suffer bad breaks, all of us are left worse off. That’s where the car accident lawyers of Douglas and London come in.

A perennial problem in our city

For years we have heard talk from NYC leaders about reducing the number of auto accidents that occur across the five boroughs. Yet despite these well-intentioned plans, car collisions remain one of the city’s biggest problems. This is especially true here in Brooklyn, where more than 60,000 auto wrecks occur each year.

Fortunately, many of these mishaps are minor fender-benders. Other times, though, the damage they cause to both people and property is shocking. Here are some common injuries that result from auto accidents:

  • Broken arms and legs: The sheer force of a car collision can cause the victim’s limbs to smash into the dashboard, the car door, or even the steering wheel. Recovering from this type of injury can take anywhere from eight weeks to over a year.
  • Chest injuries: The trauma itself can take the form of bruising, severe cuts, or broken ribs. In severe cases, the victim may require multiple surgeries stretching over many years.
  • Spinal injuries: The spine supports the rest of the body and enables the nervous systems to function. Damage to the spine can result in full or partial paralysis. Recovery may require the patient to be immobilized in a body cast for months.
  • Severe cuts and lacerations: The forces unleashed during a car collision can cause everyday objects to fly through the air at bullet-like speed, including tiny fragments of plastic or glass. The consequences for accident victims can include flesh wounds that require multiple stitches and leave disfiguring scars.
  • Traumatic brain injury: Auto accidents can traumatize the brain in ways that lead to lifelong disability or even worse.

Seat belts and air bags might cushion the impact of auto collisions. But only a qualified personal injury attorney can help you to get the compensation you need to pay for medical care, past-due bills, and daily living expenses. 

How do you find the right car accident lawyer? Here’s what to look for:

  • A firm that’s large enough to handle your case: Starrett City car accident lawyers are busy people. This is particularly true when it comes to smaller firms, which are often struggling to serve their existing client base. In general, bigger is better when it comes to this type of law.
  • A firm with a proven track record: The attorneys here at Douglas and London have recovered more than $18 billion for their clients. Those kinds of results can’t help but inspire trust.
  • A firm that treats you with respect: No accident victim should feel like a non-entity. Look for lawyers who give you the consideration you deserve.

Get in touch with a skilled car accident attorney at Douglas and London today if we can be of help. Consultations are always free, and we’re available 24/7.