I Feel Fine After My Slip and Fall, Should I Still See a Doctor?

It is common to feel fine immediately after a fall– only to experience pain and stiffness later. In some cases, these symptoms will develop within a matter of hours. In other cases, it could take days. For head trauma, it could take even longer. Because of the risk of delayed symptoms, it is essential to seek medical treatment immediately.

It is human nature to waive off injuries after a slip and fall. This can be embarrassing, and many people that take a tumble would prefer to move on and forget about it. The unfortunate reality is that there could be more areas bruised than just your ego. Regardless of how it occurs, seeking medical treatment could dramatically benefit the trajectory of your health going forward.

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Common delayed injuries

Some injuries are more likely than others to result in delayed symptoms.

Understanding them could be helpful– common examples include:

  • Brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries routinely result in delayed symptoms. Symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or headaches often do not show up until at least a day later. Less common symptoms, like personality changes, could take months to develop.
  • Hairline fractures. While compound bone fractures are immediately apparent, hairline fractures might not be. These cracks in the bone could take some time to manifest.
  • Sprains. Sprained ankles and knees can be painful and result in significant swelling. However, these injuries are typically worse on the second day. Early treatment is important, as it is possible to mitigate much of the pain and swelling if it is addressed early on.

Health benefits to seeking medical treatment

The benefits of seeking immediate medical treatment might be more significant than you realize. In many cases, the effects of the injury are not immediately present. You might not experience any pain, thanks to adrenaline. Once that surge comes to an end, you could suddenly feel much worse. By receiving medical treatment, your doctor can diagnose conditions that have not yet manifested.

Strengthening your injury claim

Not only could pursuing treatment improve your health, but it could also strengthen your legal claim should you pursue a civil action against the property owner. If you work with a the New York City slip and fall lawyers from our team to advance your case, seeking medical treatment could make the job easier.

To prevail in your claim, you will need to do more than to prove you fell on another person’s property, or that the property owner was to blame. You will also need to establish that the fall resulted in your injuries. Medical records can provide a clear link between the two. They can also demonstrate the severity of your injuries.

Further, if you fail to seek immediate medical treatment, the defense attorney will likely use that against you. They could argue that you were not seriously hurt, which is why you did not seek treatment right away. If you wait a lengthy amount of time, the defense could also imply that your injuries occurred after the fall and that you are attempting to take advantage of the situation.

By seeking immediate medical attention, you create a paper trail that a jury can follow. This also creates a contemporaneous record from day one, as well as informing the jury as to the level of compensation you should receive.

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