Do I Have to Go to Court in a Slip and Fall Case?

Most slip and fall cases are settled without the need for formal legal proceedings. However, it’s always a good idea to seek the advice of our New York City slip and fall lawyers if you’ve suffered an injury on someone else’s property.

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Timing is everything in the world of personal injury law

In a perfect world, matters of justice would be decided based solely on what’s right and decent. But this is rarely the case where money is involved. You can count on insurance companies and negligent parties to give top priority to their bottom line, even at your expense.

That’s why settling a slip and fall case can take weeks or even months. The other side is betting that you or your attorney will cave in and accept a token settlement.

These cases also take time because both sides are waiting for crucial pieces of evidence—for example, your healthcare provider’s deposition. A doctor’s expert opinion plays a crucial role in deciding the outcome. However, physicians are cautious by nature. They prefer to put off pronouncing a final opinion until test results and other data are available. This can take days or even longer.

In the meantime, both sides will probably go back and forth numerous times, each trying to out-negotiate the other.

This is why having skilled personal injury attorneys in your corner is essential. They understand how this process works. They know when to keep talking and when to go to court.

Also, they can act as your advocate when dealing with insurers, negligent parties, court officials, and even bill collectors. Otherwise, mental stress and physical discomfort may force you to accept less compensation than you deserve.

How to help your attorney to help you

This doesn’t mean that you have to sit by idly while others decide your future. Here are three ways that you can play a proactive role in your case’s progress:

  1. By following your doctor’s advice: This is essential for two reasons. First, it enables you to function as an active participant in your case. Second, it denies the other side an opportunity to dispute your side of the story. Otherwise, the negligent party may claim that your suffering was caused by your failure to do as your physician says.
  2. By keeping your attorney up-to-date: This includesmedical information, your overall wellbeing, and any difficulties you may have in paying bills or meeting living expenses. Having an accurate picture of the damages caused by your accident will help you to get every penny of the compensation you have coming.
  3. By staying positive: Half the battle in winning your case comes down to your mental attitude. It’s easy to get discouraged and press your attorney to bring things to a quick resolution. But this attitude runs counter to your best interests. It’s better to trust your legal team’s experience and abilities to obtain a fair resolution– even if this takes a little longer than you would like.

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Why you should choose Douglas and London to handle your case

Choosing who to trust out of the hundreds of New York City personal injury lawyers is not easy. The rest of your life may depend on the choice you make. Here’s why Douglas and London are worth entrusting with your case:

  1. We get results: Our attorneys have recovered more than $18 billion for our clients over the years. Those funds have helped thousands of accident victims to enjoy happier, more fulfilling lives.
  2. We put our clients first: That’s why we never charge for consultations. If we take your case, we’ll work on contingency, freeing you from worry about out-of-pocket costs.
  3. We’re available right now: You can reach a member of our staff 24/7, either online or by calling or texting.

The clock is ticking as you read these words. So, don’t delay. Get in touch with us today; then, get ready for a better tomorrow.