Can Inadequate Lighting Cause a Slip and Fall Accident?

Poor or inadequate lighting plays a key role in many slip and fall accidents—such as in factories, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, retail locations, or even in the great outdoors. The road to recovery starts by getting in touch with a personal injury attorney from Douglas and London today.

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Shedding light on safety risks

Even the best-designed buildings need adequate lighting to ensure a reasonable degree of safety. Unfortunately, not every organization gives priority to this vital aspect of facility management.

As a team of New York City slip and fall lawyers, we have seen countless examples of negligence and irresponsibility where public lighting is concerned. Here are some examples:

  • Failing to tailor the lighting approach to the needs at hand: Negligent individuals and organizations often assume that just putting up a few lamps or lighting fixtures is good enough. In reality, each type of environment calls for a specific approach to providing illumination.
  • Only thinking about the indoor or outdoor environment: For example, an office complex or retail outlet may feature brightly lit interiors but dark, hard to navigate outdoor walkways or parking lots. This not only makes slip and fall accidents more likely, but it can also attract the attention of predatory criminals.
  • Disregarding important input about lighting hazards: Managers and property owners have a responsibility to solicit and act upon safety feedback from employees, shoppers, and the public at large. Ignoring these concerns, as often happens, puts everyone at risk.
  • Allowing obvious lighting-related dangers to remain unaddressed: This problem goes beyond carelessness into negligence. For example, stairways require ample lighting both day and night to prevent falls and other serious accidents. But all too often, property owners and managers get in the way of needed maintenance, at least until someone gets hurt.

One reason why safety and security lighting get so little attention is that accident victims usually accept a token settlement instead of demanding the full amount of compensation they deserve. This unfortunate tendency allows negligent parties to continue their irresponsible practices.

A far better approach is to seek the advice and representation of a skilled personal injury lawyer from Douglas and London. Here’s how we can help to make things right:

  • By getting at the real causes for your injuries: Sometimes the reasons for an accident are more complex than they first appear. A thorough investigation can often uncover negligence on the part of multiple entities. But tracking down liability takes professional legal and investigative skills.
  • By helping you to decide upon your next move: Having the facts you need is essential for making important legal decisions.
  • By fighting for your rights, even when the other side resorts to high-pressure tactics: Every accident victim deserves fair compensation for their injuries, damaged belongings, pain, and suffering. But getting what’s rightfully yours can be almost impossible without the right law firm on your side.
  • By saving you money: For example, here at Douglas and London we never charge for consultations. Also, we work on contingency, so you’ll never have to worry about paying out-of-pocket fees.

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