Can a Building Code Violation Help Prove Liability for My Slip and Fall Accident?

New York property owners must comply with statutes ensuring their premises are safe for visitors and tenants. Proving a slip and fall case requires evidence. If that evidence is a building code violation that caused the accident, it can certainly help determine liability.

If a hazard exists on a property, the owner must know about it within a reasonable time through regular inspection and either correct it or post warnings about the danger.

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Building Code Violations

Violations committed by the property owner that may affect a slip and fall case include:

  • Broken flooring
  • Uneven flooring or stairs
  • Disintegrating steps

If one of these conditions caused your slip and fall, it could certainly help your personal injury lawyer build a case. However, even if the issue that resulted in your accident is not listed as a code violation– suppose you tripped on broken floor tiles, but a code violation cites deteriorating steps– a history of a building that is not properly maintained can aid your argument. If the owner has let a building, get run-down– it does show a pattern of long-term neglect.

In addition, if you can show that your accident occurred because of a noted code violation, that certainly helps prove a case for negligence.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

While a building code violation is a big plus, most people are unaware of this at the time of their fall. If possible, take photos and videos of the scene immediately after the fall. If you are too badly injured, try to get a friend or relative to do this as soon as possible.

Report the accident to the owner or the manager right away and seek prompt medical attention. Sometimes, people suffer a fall and do not think they were hurt seriously– but may find themselves in pain and with limited mobility within a day or so. If you do not seek immediate medical treatment, the insurance company will allege the fall is not the reason for your injury.

If seriously injured, obtain legal advice as soon as you can. Your personal injury attorney will look into any building code violations. If they exist and are directly related to your fall, this can certainly help your case.

Slip and Fall in Your Rental Apartment Building

The standards for rentals in New York are high, and if you fell in a common area, such as the lobby or hallway, your landlord may prove liable. Even if a building code violation per se does not exist, check with the tenants’ association to see if the landlord has received complaints.

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Slip and Fall Damages

Damages, or compensation, for a slip and fall injury may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

You might also receive compensation for property damage. For example, if you were carrying your laptop, and the fall resulted in breakage, you may receive compensation for its value.

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