Do I Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve been seriously injured through no fault of your own, the good news is that an experienced New York City personal injury lawyer can review your case and advise you if you need additional guidance or representation. Schedule a free consultation with Douglas & London as soon as possible to learn more.

The right time to seek legal guidance

It is understandable if you are unsure how to proceed immediately following a severe injury. While you take your time to determine your next step, the defendant’s insurance company will take immediate action. These insurers are experienced with taking on personal injury claims and will begin working against you immediately.

They will often contact you right away to resolve the claim. That does not mean their offer of settlement will be fair. Insurance companies know you are more likely to accept an inadequate settlement offer before you speak with an attorney about your options. Given the speed at which they begin to work against your interests, it is crucial that you talk to a personal injury lawyer right away.

The sooner you speak with an attorney, the faster they can get started on advocating for you. Buying your attorney more time to investigate your claim and advocate on your behalf could be the difference in obtaining the compensation you need or not.

Situations where attorneys are vital

While it is worthwhile to seek a consultation with an attorney after any injury, there are certain cases where legal guidance is crucial. One of the most critical situations to seek legal advice occurs when your injuries are severe or even permanent.

It is one thing to take risks with a minor settlement, but these risks are only magnified when you require long-term care. The failure to successfully recover damages could cause a lifetime of financial strain.

Legal help is also essential in cases where liability is unclear. Cases, where both sides blame each other, are not simple. These cases have the potential to result in litigation, which you should never undertake without skilled legal counsel by your side.

Most injury claims involve two different parties. More complex cases can include a much larger number of individuals. For example, a chain-reaction car accident could involve a large number of motorists. With multiple parties and multiple insurance providers, it can be challenging to move forward on your own.

Most importantly, you should always seek the help of an attorney if the insurance company denies your claim. A denied claim does not mean you are not entitled to compensation. In fact, many insurance companies deny claims even in cases where you are not at fault. They will rely on technicalities or delays to unfairly deny your claim. An aggressive injury attorney can push them to deal with you in good faith.

How an experienced attorney can assist you with your claim

A dedicated injury attorney can assist you in handling your claim, even if you are experienced in the claims process. Having an independent set of eyes review your case and provide you with guidance is invaluable.

At Douglas & London, we are prepared to carefully review your situation and advise you of your legal options. Our comprehensive approach to every claim starts with a review of both liability and damages in your case. To learn how we can put our experience to work for you, schedule a free consultation with Douglas & London right away.