Peekskill Personal Injury Lawyers

Douglas and London Peekskill personal injury lawyers provide honest, aggressive, and professional legal assistance in New York to help you cope with the aftermath of serious, sudden injury or illness. When another person or party’s negligence and recklessness adversely affects your life, you are entitled to pursue compensation for your losses. Damages may include– past, present, and future medical expenses; lost wages and loss of future earning capacity; and estimated pain and suffering. Recovery for burial and funeral expenses are possible for spouses and dependents when a victim succumbs to his or her injuries.

Douglas and London help you deal with insurance companies, negligent party attorneys, hospitals, doctors, repair shops, courts, and all the challenges of the legal system. We take the burden of pursuing a legal claim off your shoulders, front all the costs associated with litigation out of our deep pockets, and give you the space to focus on returning to a healthier life. You will work directly with an experienced personal injury lawyer, with support from paralegals, law clerks, and investigators.      

Cases We Handle

The types of cases we represent include: 

  • Car accidents – Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, SUVs, public transit, bicycles, and pedestrians are one of the most common types of personal injury. We find out what happened in the moments before the crash and ascribe liability where it’s due. Even if you were partially to blame for causing the accident, New York State allows you to collect a reduced portion of the total allowed. 
  • Child victims – Child molestation, pornography, exploitation, and trafficking are among the most heinous personal injury crimes. Through a legal guardian, minors can pursue damages for mental anguish and emotional pain.
  • Construction accidents – Worker’s compensation does not always cover 100% of the expenses when a person is injured at work, particularly when working with heavy machinery on a construction site. We fight for the maximum compensation that covers future expenses, as well as present hardship.
  • Environmental toxin exposure – Toxins are everywhere, but companies that disproportionately subject humans to exposure can be held liable. We are actively involved in litigation involving asbestos, lead, the CAPECO/Puerto Rico oil spill, DuPont C-8, the Zadroga Act, and Roundup weed killer.
  • Medical malpractice – Wrong diagnosis, missed diagnosis, medication errors, and surgical mishaps are all grounds to sue. Through our in-depth investigations, we discover what happened and why. Then we help form winning legal arguments against doctors, hospitals, and other medical service providers.
  • Premises liability – A slip, trip, and fall isn’t always what it seems. Often times, the property owner knew, or should have known, about a hazard on the property, but failed to take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk to others on the property. From wet supermarket floors to icy parking lots, property owners owe guests a standard of care to keep their sites free from harm.
  • Product liability – Manufacturers of consumer products, drugs, and medical devices owe consumers a standard “duty of care” that says their products are well-researched and tested to be safe for marketing and marketed accurately with appropriate warnings.

Leading Personal Injury Law Firm Proudly Serving Peekskill, NY

Douglas and London Peekskill personal injury lawyers have a longstanding history of local personal injury law success. We are proud to serve more than 23,000 residents in the artistic and industrial powerhouse of Peekskill, located in Westchester County, just over 40 miles from Manhattan. We have received numerous awards and accolades from the legal industry and are widely considered one of the Top 5 Mass Tort firms in the nation. Our reputation for honesty, integrity, and respect for the legal system precedes us.

Since every personal injury case is unique, we offer free, no-obligation consultations. We are fair, but aggressive, at the negotiating table. When maximum settlement values are not achievable, we have the resources to prepare a substantial court case that can withstand scrutiny from judge and jury. You owe us nothing for legal representation unless we win money on your behalf. Contact us any time, day or night, 7 days a week, to schedule your free case review with a Douglas and London personal injury attorney.