Park Slope Personal Injury Lawyer

Life in Park Slope has lots to offer, whether you’re taking a stroll in the botanical gardens or enjoying a meal at one of the area’s top-rated restaurants. But a personal injury can darken even the brightest day.

That’s why talking to a qualified lawyer after an accident is always a good idea. He or she can help you to make an informed decision about your legal options, starting you on the way to physical and financial recovery.

Valuable Members of Your Recovery Team

A personal injury lawyer can play an important role in your post-accident recovery. Here’s how:

  • By simply listening: Everyone needs a little understanding and encouragement after an accident. Here at Douglas and London, we understand this important fact. That’s why it will never cost you a dime to tell us your story. Consultations are always free.
  • By giving you expert counsel: Most legal matters are never as cut and dry as many people think. Personal injury law is a complex topic.
  • By working with the other members of your recovery team: A personal injury attorney is the perfect person to consult with your physician, physical therapist, or other post-accident caregiver. Working together, these professionals can give you the support you need at this crucial time.

Tips for Self-Care after an Accident

The care you provide for yourself after an injury is at least as important as the help you receive from others. Here’s how to be an active participant in your recuperation:

  • Try to stay positive: It’s normal to experience a wide variety of emotions after an accident. You may feel anger, regret, and possibly even a little shame. While you should never deny your feelings, you should certainly try to focus on the bright side as much as possible.
  • Follow your healthcare provider’s advice: Doctors and other medical professionals have a big stake in your well-being. Heed their advice concerning medications, rest, etc.
  • Take it one day at a time: Recovering from an accident is rarely an overnight process. Trying to rush things will only prolong the ordeal.
  • Do what you can to help others: There’s something ennobling about helping another person that can make you feel better as well.

Three Things to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Park Slope personal injury lawyers vary widely in terms of their training, expertise, and policies. It’s a good idea to ask the following questions before choosing a law firm to represent you:

  • How does your fee structure work? At Douglas and London, we collect no fees unless you win your case. Other practices may have different policies.
  • What’s your track record? At Douglas and London, we have recovered more than $18 billion for the people we represent.
  • Can I reach you whenever I have a question or concern? At Douglas and London, we are available 24/7 for our client’s convenience.

Dealing with a personal injury is always challenging. But there’s no reason to go through it alone. Contact us today if we can be of help. We look forward to hearing from you.