Norwalk, CT Business Interruption Insurance Lawyer

Business interruption insurance is a hot topic following an unforeseen disaster, whether it’s Hurricane Sandy, the 2002-2003 SARS Outbreak, the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, or the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020. Typically, business interruption insurance pertains to hail, high winds, lightning, fire, theft, and civil unrest like rioting. Affected businesses can claim losses related to employee payroll, rent obligations, loan payments, business taxes, and lost income due to closure.

When unprecedented circumstances force business closures, policyholders often wonder how far their coverage extends. Speaking with a Douglas and London business interruption insurance lawyer can help business owners understand specific policy language to determine the next steps.

Policyholders Claim “Bad Faith” on Part of Insurance Companies

Many lawsuits have been filed against insurance companies, particularly providers of “all-risk” commercial policies, accusing them of “bad faith insurance.”

Bad faith insurers allegedly:

  • Misrepresent policy language to get out of paying valid claims
  • Fail to investigate matters in a timely way
  • Sell policies that fail to inform business owners of notable exclusions

Local business owners who suspect their insurance companies are dealing with them unfairly can contact the Norwalk, CT business interruption insurance lawyersat Douglas and London for a FREE CONSULTATION and CONTINGENCY-BASED REPRESENTATION. Our clients never pay up-front retainers or out-of-pocket expenses. Our legal fees come solely from successful recoveries.  

Since 2002, Douglas & London Has Handled Complex Business Loss Cases

Insurers say they won’t pay unless there has been “direct physical damage” – like a flood that washes away part of the building or a fire that burns down inventory. They say that “civil authority” coverage extends to local riots and evacuation orders, but not stay-at-home orders or partial business closures allowing takeout service. Insurance companies “simply don’t have the money” to pay enormous losses to everyone, lobbyists argue.

Douglas and London won’t shy away from challenging these blanket assertions. Each individual policy deserves investigation and interpretation by a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced business interruption insurance attorney. For nearly 20 years, we have been at the forefront of complex litigation. When auto manufacturers and airbag suppliers refused to pay after a defective airbag killed a six-year-old boy, we fought for the family and won. When a 58-year-old smoker died of lung cancer, we went after Big Tobacco and won.

We litigated on behalf of 9/11 first responders suffering from toxic exposure and the residents injured by Hurricane Sandy. We’re currently accepting cases pertaining to COVID-19-related closures based on civil authority clauses, all-risk policies that do not contain virus and pandemic exclusions, and any other claim based on bad faith insurance during a time of high need.

Help with Business Interruption Claim Denials in Norwalk, CT

We are here to help business owners in Norwalk, CTdeal with insurance delays, underpaying, or denials. Time is of the essence in securing policyholder rights. We can read over the business insurance policy and contact the insurer on a client’s behalf to negotiate timely claim payment when necessary. We’ll ensure all necessary business records are submitted, so the claim gets processed as quickly as possible.

Policies with specific virus and pandemic exclusions may not have a case, but it’s worth having Douglas and London look over the policy to make sure the business isn’t leaving money on the table.