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In New Haven, businesses big, medium, and small have suffered tremendous losses from COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns. When disastrous events like a viral pandemic disrupt commercial activity, business owners turn to their insurance for monetary relief. Business interruption insurance allows policyholders to seek reimbursement for revenue losses and other operational expenses triggered by covered events. As any business owner knows, forced closures for any length of time can prove catastrophic, affecting not only revenue but customer loyalty.

In the case of the novel Coronavirus, most carriers have taken the stance that COVID-19 is not a “covered peril” for business interruption insurance. In fact, brokers and agents have cautioned policyholders from even attempting to file a BI claim, citing an imminent denial.

Insurance representatives may give any number of reasons for stonewalling — or outright denying –your business interruption claim. Many commercial property insurance policies have language that excludes losses stemming from bacterial or viral outbreaks, and even when exclusions like these are not explicitly spelled out, insurers argue that the novel Coronavirus does not constitute ‘physical damage’ to the policyholder’s property.

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However, there are countless business interruption insurance policies that have no verbiage describing a ‘pandemic’ or the contingencies of government-mandated closures and shutdowns. Many businesses have had their COVID-19 BI claims summarily denied, and they are now taking their grievances to court. In the end, a combination of legislation and litigation may compel insurance companies to pay out on business interruption claims resulting from the pandemic.

Insurance disputes are incredibly difficult without the guidance of knowledgeable legal counsel. If you need assistance evaluating your BI coverage, or filing a claim for unreasonable denial of benefits, contact Douglas & London. It costs nothing to review your case with a qualified business interruption insurance lawyer who can evaluate complicated contractual language and explain your rights.

What does Business Interruption Insurance cover?

Commercial property insurance contracts can easily surpass 200 pages of dense copy. Policy language for business interruption insurance varies, and due to its complexity and fine print, it’s not unusual for policyholders to have a limited grasp of the terms and conditions regarding business shutdowns and interruptions.

If your doors were shuttered for weeks or months because of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, your BI policy might help you stay solvent, by providing benefits for:

  • Lost revenue and cash flow
  • Taxes
  • Employee payroll
  • Loss of customers who took their business elsewhere
  • Temporary relocation costs 
  • Mortgage payments
  • Rent or lease payments for commercial space
  • Loan payments 

Douglas & London can protect your rights

If your insurance carrier tells you that your business interruption claim will be denied because of policy exclusions or a lack of physical damage to your commercial property, it’s important to seek legal counsel to protect your rights.

Douglas & London brings decades of experience to the table and can help business owners seek the benefits they deserve and have paid for over the years. Our New Haven, Connecticut business interruption insurance lawyers represent owners of restaurants, hotels, bars, office buildings, retailers, and other businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

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