Murray Hill Car Accident Lawyer

Like everywhere else in New York City, cars are commonplace in Murray Hill. While these vehicles play an important role in transporting residents to work, school, and everywhere in between, they also represent a serious risk of injury. Car accidents occur every day, and many of them are severe. If this accident was not your fault, you could have a claim for compensation against the responsible driver.

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With the help from our team of Murray Hill car accident lawyers at Douglas & London, you can rest easy knowing we will put our considerable experience to work on your case. With more than $1 billion recovered on behalf of our clients, our track record of successful settlements and trial verdicts speak for themselves. To discuss your claim with a NY car accident lawyer from our firm, schedule your free consultation right away.

Stages Of A Car Accident Trial

Most of the cases we handle never go to trial. While we prepare every claim as if it would go before a jury, we obtain financial settlements in most cases. However, when settlement is not possible, a lawsuit is your best chance to recover the damages you deserve.

The first step in a trial is to select the jury. Once this is finalized, the attorneys will make their opening statements. It allows the lawyers from each side to highlight the evidence they will rely on at trial. After the opening statements are concluded, your New York personal injury attorney will begin to put on your case. This could involve witness testimony, medical bills, and any other available evidence. When finished, the defense will have a chance to make their case.

After closing arguments, the jury will leave the room to deliberate.  Once they reach a decision, they will return to the courtroom and inform the judge, who will read the decision aloud. If you prevail, the jury will then determine the damages you deserve.

Damages In A Murray Hill Car Accident Lawsuit

The damage available in your case will vary, depending on the nature of the crash. In addition to your bodily injuries, you could recover compensation for psychological damage or the cost of repairing your vehicle. Damages can include:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Disability
  • Car repair expenses

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