Lynbrook Personal Injury Lawyers

Dedicated. Experienced. Tenacious. Compassionate. These are the defining attributes of Douglas & London – a law firm that provides knowledgeable advocacy to those in need.  When you’ve been badly harmed and your future is on the line, the personal injury lawyer who represents your case can make all the difference.

Yes, it can be intimidating to take legal action, but with the right advocate in your corner, you can pursue the compensation you justly deserve.

The Lynbrook personal injury lawyers of Douglas & London have the resources and skill to help individuals and their loved ones overcome their legal problems in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Since establishing our practice in 2002, our lawyers have secured more than $4 billion in settlements and verdicts for clients.

We are known for our zealous advocacy and caring approach to personal injury law and are equipped to handle the most complicated of claims. Not sure if you have a strong case? Call our office to request a free consultation. After hearing your story, we can assess the circumstances of your accident and how they relate to applicable state and federal laws.

Effective legal services in Lynbrook

We are both committed and passionate in our work, and will always provide the detail to attention your case requires. No matter where you live in Lynbrook, if your accident resulted from the negligence of another party, you have the right to seek monetary damages.

Douglas and London is proud to have lent their expertise to personal injury cases involving:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles
  • Medical malpractice arising from surgical mistakes, hospital negligence, birth injuries, and medication errors
  • Product liability claims stemming from designed and manufactured products, such as medical devices, prescription pharmaceuticals, and consumer products
  • Slip and fall injuries that happen on another person’s property due to a failure to remove hazards or warn visitors about potential risks
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents and near-drownings
  • Workplace accidents, including construction site injuries

We can establish the true value of your case

Our legal team knows that serious personal injury results in much more than just financial losses. Beyond the growing pile of hospital bills, victims are dealing with the emotional toll of a lengthy and painful recuperation, and the anxiety and depression that comes with it. Family relationships often suffer, professional aspirations may be dashed– all of which snowballs into a diminished quality of life.

You deserve to be made whole again; to recover compensation for your pain, psychological suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life. At Douglas and London, we routinely handle cases just like yours and have the experience to know what type of monetary damages can be realistically achieved.

A veteran personal injury attorney consistently pushes for a full and fair recovery that reimburses victims for their economic losses and those damages which are less tangible.

Contact our law firm online or by phone, 24/7, to explore your legal options with Lynbrook personal injury lawyers who get results.