Lockport Personal Injury Lawyers

There is nothing fair about suffering serious harm and financial losses due to someone else’s wrongful or negligent behavior. The Lockport personal injury lawyers of Douglas & London believe that any person, business or entity who carelessly harms another needs to be held liable — and our talented legal team makes that happen every day.

Whether you slipped and fell while shopping on Main Street, were hit by a distracted driver, or suffered devastating health consequences from a defective drug or device, we are poised to help.

Douglas & London is proud to offer effective representation to the people of Lockport. Call or email us to learn how a personal injury attorney can ease your concerns while pursuing justice on your behalf.

Experienced advocacy for Lockport residents

Lockport is at the junction of major trucking roads in Niagara County, including NY Route 31, Route 93, and Route 78. Even those who wear their seat belts, obey traffic laws, and drive with the utmost caution are at risk when behind the wheel. No matter how careful and responsible you are, there is always a tired, impaired or reckless motorist who can change your life in the blink of an eye.

Our attorneys act swiftly to preserve evidence, interview witnesses and build a solid case that demonstrates if regulations were violated, driver error was involved, or defective vehicle parts.

While vehicle accidents are a common cause for legal actions, personal injuries occur in a variety of circumstances. When you need aggressive legal counsel, you can count on Douglas & London to handle your case with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Examples of personal injury claims

  • Premises liability – When a property owner or operator is negligent in the upkeep of their premises or fails to alert patrons about possible dangers and serious injury results, victims may be able to sue based on theories of premises liability.
  • Products liability – Defective medical devices and dangerous drugs injure and kill thousands of Americans each year. Whether you suffered complications from a knee replacement, a hernia repair patch, or a medication that was supposed to heal not harm, our legal team can help you secure proper monetary reparations.
  • Medical malpractice – Our Lockport personal injury lawyers have a successful track record handling cases involving surgical mistakes, hospital negligence, medication errors as well as misdiagnosis.
  • Construction and workplace accidents – Our lawyers have recovered more than $10 million for workers injured on NY construction sites. Put our experience and skill to work for you. Victims deserve to be fairly compensated for life-altering workplace injuries that are caused by faulty tools and equipment, manufacturing defects, unsafe conditions, and toxic exposure.
  • Boat accidents— Whether caused by malfunctioning equipment, inclement weather, lax maintenance, or plain negligence, boat accidents can prove fatal. In-depth investigations can help us establish liable parties and hold them accountable.

Why work with Douglas & London?

A personal injury lawyer with Douglas & London will ensure that your rights are fully protected, and you are not pressured into a settlement agreement that is unfair. We meticulously prepare each case as if it were going to trial and know how to fight for the maximum damages you deserve. Our attorney representation is always on contingency, meaning if we don’t secure compensation on your behalf, you don’t pay.