Lindenhurst Personal Injury Lawyer

When accidents happen, they create unexpected obstacles. Typically, accident victims are left with expensive medical bills, an inability to work, and mental and emotional trauma. While it can be hard to put a price tag on your quality of life, it is important that the parties responsible for your injury are held accountable and that you receive just compensation.

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury due to negligence from another party, don’t let your case go unheard. Hire experienced Lindenhurst personal injury lawyers who will fight for your rights and the rights of your family. 

Personal injury cases that are eligible for compensation

Each year, roughly 31 million people across the U.S. suffer from unexpected injuries, with a large majority due to negligent behavior from another party. While some cases may lead to minor injuries with quick recoveries, many accidents result in life-long health battles or even death. When this happens, hiring the right personal injury lawyer ensures the responsible parties are held liable.

Common examples of personal injury cases include:

  • Car accidents resulting from reckless driving, driving while distracted, or driving under the influence
  • Construction accidents due to unsafe processes, equipment, or work conditions
  • Defective products such as vehicles, kitchen appliances, children’s toys, and more
  • Medical malpractice, unsafe drugs, defective medical devices
  • Slip and Fall injuries due to icy parking lots, spills, cracked sidewalks, broken steps, missing or broken floor tiles, and other unaddressed hazards.

Why the right legal representation matters

Legal claims can be long and complex without an experienced personal injury attorney. Our Lindenhurst personal injury lawyers at Douglas & London have been winning cases for victims across New York since 2002 and have claimed more than $18 billion for lost wages, medical costs, damaged property, and more. From the first consultation, we’ll begin investigating your case to determine which parties may be at fault for your incident and how much you should receive for your losses—and we won’t stop until a settlement is reached or your case is won in court.

When you partner with Douglas & London, you’re not alone in your fight. Even if you’re facing a big business with an abundance of legal resources, we’ll make sure negligent parties are held accountable for their actions and that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

You don’t pay until you win

After an injury, many victims struggle not only with their injury and the impact it has on their health and their everyday life, but often fall behind financially– due to increased medical bills and loss of wages. To alleviate the financial stress of quality legal representation, our Lindenhurst personal injury lawyers don’t get paid until you do. At Douglas & London, we want our clients and their family to focus on things that matter– such as a quick and healthy recovery, while we fight for them in the courts. Contact our legal team today to schedule your free consultation and see how Douglas & London can help you.