Lake Grove Personal Injury Lawyers

If you sustained a serious injury in Lake Grove, you deserve a vigorous advocate that is focused on personal service. Since 2002, Douglas & London has worked tirelessly to help victims recover the compensation they deserve. Through our efforts, our clients have recovered more than $1 billion in compensation. If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit, let our Lake Grove personal injury lawyers help you get started.

Often, the person or entity who caused this has insurance coverage. That means they have an enormous insurer and an army of lawyers on their side. You do not have to take them on alone. A personal injury lawyer from Douglas & London can guide you through the litigation process and fight back against the infamous bullying tactics of insurance companies. To get started with your claim, call today, and schedule a free case evaluation.

Common types of injuries

While some injuries are unavoidable, many result from the negligence of another person. If you have suffered harm at the hands of another person, you could have a viable claim. Some common injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Burns
  • Neck injuries, including whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions
  • Tendon and ligament damages
  • Blindness

The deadline to file a Lake Grove Lawsuit

New York has adopted deadlines for the filing of a lawsuit known as the statute of limitations. These deadlines vary from one case to another, depending on the circumstances. For a personal injury case, a plaintiff has three years from the date of the injury to file a claim. However, when an injury is fatal the victim’s estate will only have two years to appoint a personal representative and file a lawsuit.

The consequences of missing the statute of limitations are significant. If a plaintiff files suit after the statute of limitations expires, the court has the right to dismiss the case with prejudice. You could lose out on recovering compensation for a viable injury claim. One benefit of working with a Douglas & London personal injury attorney is having our assistance with keeping up with the statute of limitations.

No fee unless we collect

We understand the financial pressure that comes with a severe injury. At Douglas & London, we refuse to add to that pressure for our clients. That is why we only recover a fee on your case if we are successful. If we are not able to get you the compensation you deserve, you will owe us nothing. There are never any up-front fees, and we are transparent about our contingency rate from day one.

Call Lake Grove personal injury lawyers today

If you are ready to move forward with a lawsuit, it is important that you choose an attorney carefully. To discuss your case and have your questions answered, call Douglas & London today to set up an initial consultation.