Jackson Heights Personal Injury Lawyers

Out of the blue, a personal injury turns your life upside down. Because of the decisions made and actions taken by another party, and through no fault of your own, you face a hospital stay, surgery, time lost from work and no income. If this resulted from a car accident, you might not have a vehicle to get back and forth to work or your medical appointments. A personal injury lawyer fights for your rights and works aggressively to hold the responsible parties financially liable for your injuries.

The Jackson Heights personal injury lawyers of Douglas and London can help you receive the maximum compensation. Our dedicated lawyers have recovered more than $18 billion in verdicts and settlement for our clients.

Why you need a personal injury lawyer

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury due to the actions of another person, they will almost always obtain legal advice. Catastrophic injuries are those in which the person is never expected to recover fully and will probably never work again. Examples of catastrophic injuries include loss of limbs, loss of sight or hearing, spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia, traumatic brain injuries, and other permanently life-changing disabilities.

Most personal injuries are serious but not catastrophic. Perhaps you fractured an ankle after slipping on a wet floor in a supermarket, or whiplash developed after a driver rear-ended your car which has kept you out of work for weeks. Maybe you think the settlement offered by the at-fault party’s insurance company is enough to take care of your needs.

It is never wise to accept an insurance company settlement without consulting a lawyer. Keep in mind that insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible. That is their business model, and how they make their money. What might seem like a good settlement to a layperson may not adequately provide for their needs, but a personal injury lawyer knows the amount of a fair settlement—so that current, as well as future expenses, are covered.

Statute of limitations

In New York, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case is three years from the date of the accident. That may seem like a long time, but it is critical not to wait too long before consulting a lawyer. An investigation should begin as soon as possible before evidence is lost or destroyed, and the memories of witnesses fade with time.

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