Ithaca Personal Injury Lawyers

At Douglas and London, we believe that people who have been injured because of another’s negligence should be fully compensated. Our highly-credentialed Ithaca personal injury lawyers bring a diverse skill set and experience litigating complex trial cases.

Our law firm represents people hurt in all types of incidents involving negligence. With effective advocacy, victims can recover proper legal reparations for their injuries, medical expenses, income loss, pain, and suffering.

No legal fees unless we prevail in your case

When you schedule a consultation with Douglas and London, we begin with a one-on-one meeting where a skilled personal injury lawyer listens to your story, and reviews every detail of your case. This initial case evaluation is offered free of charge, and with no obligation to proceed.  Our contingency fee arrangement means that you only pay if we obtain compensation on your behalf. If we prevail in your personal injury case, our attorney fee is an agreed-upon percentage of the verdict or settlement.

How Ithaca personal injury lawyers can help you

In a perfect world, property owners would ensure their grounds were free of hazards like spilled liquids, ice, or debris that one could trip and fall on. Employers would ensure that workplace environments were safe for staff, and drivers would put their phones away and concentrate on the road. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and serious accidents often result.

One day you’re fine and the next you’re drowning in a sea of medical debt, and emptying your savings to pay rent and put food on the table.  The personal injury lawyers of Douglas and London can help you put your life back together by seeking fair compensation from negligent parties.

Clients who retain our services discover the benefits of working with a law firm that vigorously fights for the best possible outcome. Whether you were injured in a car wreck on Route 89, were knocked unconscious in a construction accident, or need trusted counsel in a product liability claim, Douglas and London can help.

We understand how a serious personal injury can threaten the quality of your life and impact the people you love the most. But, in order to prevail in a claim, you must establish liability and substantiate the money damages you are trying to recover. For this reason, it’s crucial to partner with a reputable law firm that gets results. Our Ithaca legal team works with some of the industry’s top experts when preparing your personal injury case. These include accident reconstructionists, health care professionals, life care planners, and expert witnesses from other fields pertaining to your case.

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We take great pride in providing compassionate, individualized service to our clients, and are accessible 24/7. Open communication is key in our practice. We promptly respond to calls and emails and strive to reassure you during these difficult times.

If you’re searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in Ithaca with a track record of success, contact Douglas and London for a complimentary case assessment.