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There’s no doubt that our society has become more safety-conscious in recent years.  But slip and fall accidents remain a leading cause of injuries.

Many slip and fall victims suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence. That’s why it’s important to talk to a team of skilled slip and fall lawyers as soon as possible. Putting off this important step can have catastrophic consequences for your health and peace of mind.

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The facts tell a disturbing story

Public regulators routinely cull through mountains of data provided by insurance firms and law enforcement officers. Their job is to keep track of the types of accidents that occur across the country.

The information they’ve uncovered points to slip and fall accidents as a leading cause of serious injuries. Here are some troubling facts that bear out this conclusion:

  • Each year more than 1 million people end up in emergency rooms due to a slip and fall injury.
  • Of these people, hundreds of thousands will suffer fractures, broken bones, concussions, and other serious conditions requiring expensive treatment.
  • Many more will experience financial hardships due to time lost from work. In fact, some will never be able to work again.
  • Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including offices, shopping centers, food markets, nursing homes, and places of employment.
  • Often, the causes of these accidents stem directly from oversight or negligence on the part of employees, managers, or property owners.

Injured? Our team of Inwood slip and falls lawyers can help

Perhaps you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident yourself. If so, then a personal injury attorney may be able to help you get the funds you need to meet living expenses, pay for medical care, and receive rehabilitative treatment.

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 The opportunity to receive fair compensation is just one of the benefits of talking to a slip and fall lawyer. Here are some of the other ways he or she can help:

  • By offering a supportive, listening ear: This by itself can make a world of difference to how you cope with your injuries.
  • By standing up to strongarm tactics from the other side: Insurance companies and negligent property owners are often more concerned about their bank accounts than about helping injury victims. Inwood slip and fall lawyers can safeguard you from tactics like threats and intimidation.
  • By making bill collectors back off: You have enough on your plate right now without worrying about financial matters. There’s no reason to put up with harassing phone calls and letters when a slip and fall attorney can act on your behalf.
  • By connecting you with the right doctors, therapists, and counselors: Having the right healthcare providers on your side can help you to get back on your feet for good.

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