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Typical causes of slip and fall accidents range from unavoidable circumstances to blatant negligence on the property owner’s part. Unfortunately, the victims sometimes assume they have no basis for seeking compensation, even when the exact opposite is true. That’s why it’s important to talk to a slip and fall lawyer if this has happened to you.

It’s not like what you see on television

Popular culture is filled with misconceptions about how personal injury law works. In the real world, accident victims rarely “strike it rich” as a result of their injuries. The compensation they receive is used to cover medical bills and help with living expenses.

Helping these unfortunate people to get the funds they deserve is what being a personal injury attorney is all about. But how do you choose the right Hollis slip and fall lawyers to handle your case? Experience, track record, and investigative ability are all important. Let’s look at each of these factors separately.

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Proving your case takes the right lawyer

The victim’s legal team must prove that the property owner or manager contributed to the mishap by violating common-sense rules of property upkeep.

For example, let’s say that a person at a grocery store slips on a wet floor and suffers a broken ankle. The store owner might be liable for damagesif they knew about the wet spot and failed to either clean it up or block off the aisle.

This gets into the technical concept of negligence, which in turn ties into the principles undergirding personal injury law. It is complex, which is why you need a seasoned team of slip and fall lawyers on your side.

Nothing beats proven results

There’s nothing wrong with a law firm disclosing how much money it has recovered for its clients. On the contrary, this is the kind of information that accident victims need to make sound decisions. For example, we have recovered more than $18 billion for our clients. Use this figure as a benchmark when researching a slip and fall attorney in the Hollis area.

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In the end, facts are what matter

Another misconception about lawyers is that they spend their days twisting the facts to suit their fancy. This is not true. Judges and juries are too sharp to fall for such tactics.

So, what does the average personal injury attorney do most of the day? More often than not, they spend their time uncovering the facts needed to prove their client’s case. That’s why you need a law firm that knows how to conduct an effective investigation.

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