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Under New York law, property owners have a duty of care to ensure their premises are safe for visitors and customers. Unfortunately, too many owners allow hazards to exist on their properties and do not remedy them promptly. For the person who slips and falls as a result of property owner negligence, the results are often devastating. For some, the injuries cause time lost from work and the inability to perform daily activities. For others, the impairment may prove permanent.

When it comes to legal representation for a slip and fall injury, experience is paramount. A Hillcrest slip and fall attorney at Douglas and London protects your rights while helping you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Documenting a Slip and Fall

Since documentation is critical to the success of a slip and fall, try to take photos or videos of the scene right away, if that is physically possible. Along with photos of the issue causing the fall, such as broken stairs or torn carpeting, take pictures of your injuries and any damage to belongings. A building owner may make quick repairs after an accident to hide their negligence, but photos taken right away show the original condition of the property.

Report the fall immediately to the store manager or whoever is in charge of that particular property. Head to the doctor or emergency room right away. Perhaps you did not think your fall was that serious, but waiting to seek medical attention can harm your claim. Fall consequences are often worse than they initially appear, and failure to get treatment within a short time frame means the insurance company will allege the injury was not due to the slip and fall.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Serious slip and fall injuries may include broken bones, spinal cord injury, head trauma, or soft tissue injuries. The victim may not return to work for a long time, and may never return to the type of job held before the accident or prove able to hold employment. Meanwhile, medical and household bills are piling up.

Damages, or compensation, for a slip and fall injury may include:

  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering

Every case is unique, but your lawyer knows a fair settlement amount for the type of injuries involved and the client’s prognosis. While the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in New York is three years from the accident date, obtain legal counsel right away. Otherwise, crucial evidence could disappear.

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