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You know you were seriously injured, but you may not know who is directly responsible for your pain, medical bills, loss of work, financial instability, and pain and suffering caused by another party’s negligence.

Maybe you were on your way to a routine appointment when you took a bad slip and fall in the parking lot.  Or, a doctor prescribed medication to you but never informed you about the side effects. You did not contribute to accidents like these, but you are certainly paying the price. A personal injury lawyer protects your rights, investigates your case, determines which entities are responsible and holds them accountable.

The Floral Park personal injury lawyers at Douglas and London can help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries. There is no fee unless we win.

Holding responsible parties liable

In some personal injury cases, determining liability is not difficult. In other cases, a host of entities may be responsible. For example, if a distracted driver hits a person, it is likely the driver is the only party accountable. However, if a large truck collides with a car, the driver is accountable, but liability may go beyond that. Skilled lawyers will investigate whether the vehicle was maintained properly by the trucking company, or whether a manufacturing defect played a part in the crash.

What to do after a personal injury

While personal injuries run the gamut, there are certain things all victims should do. First, seek immediate medical treatment, even if you do not think you were badly hurt. Failure to do this might encourage the insurance company to allege that either you were not seriously hurt, or if you were, the injury resulted from other circumstances. In addition, keep a record of all medical expenses, including transportation to and from doctor’s appointments as well as any childcare costs.

If an insurance company contacts you soon after the injury and makes a settlement offer, never agree to it before obtaining legal advice. Once you agree to a settlement, there is no re-negotiation. Insurance companies will always try to settle for as little as possible. A good lawyer knows the value of a fair settlement for your injuries and your prognosis.

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