Elmhurst Car Accident Lawyer

By itself, a car accident is traumatic enough. Another driver hits you out of the blue and leaves you with serious injuries. Now, you are dealing with hospitals, doctors, skyrocketing medical expenses, and the inability to work or care for your family. In the midst of all this personal turmoil, you are thrown into a new world of insurance claims and proving the other driver’s negligence or recklessness. This is not a fight you should take on alone.

The car accident lawyers of Douglas and London will protect your rights and fight to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. Since 2002, we have recovered more than $18 billion in settlements and verdicts for clients.

Car accident injuries

Car accident injuries run the gamut from minor to catastrophic. The latter refers to injuries from which the victim will never recover, and results in permanent disability. Examples of catastrophic injuries resulting from car accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Severe burns
  • Multiple fractures
  • Internal organ damage

Other injuries that may cause permanent impairment include loss of limbs, loss of vision, and disfigurement. In such cases, the person may never work again or work in the same job or field they did prior to the crash.

Whiplash, formally known as cervical acceleration-deceleration, often occurs in those rear-ended by another vehicle. While most people with whiplash recover within a few weeks or months, for some individuals the situation becomes chronic, leaving them with headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain, and reduced quality of life.

Sometimes, the serious injury does not only involve the victim. For example, a pregnant woman who loses her baby because of a car accident may also seek damages from the negligent driver in New York.

Car accident damages

Compensation for car accident victims is known as damages. In New York, such damages may include:

  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Lost wages
  • Earning capacity reduction
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Some states have put a cap on pain and suffering and other damages. That is not the case in New York, where no limit on such damages exists. When a car accident victim is seriously and permanently injured, a jury may award significant damages if the person’s pain and suffering is severe.

Never agree to an insurance settlement before obtaining legal counsel. A personal injury lawyer knows the fair value of a settlement based on the client’s injuries, prognosis, and long-term needs. An insurance company wants to settle for as little as possible, and once a settlement is agreed upon, it is not re-negotiable.

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